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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

no pants

at home, blogger is in english. at work, blogger is in chinese. i'm feeling very spiffy right now for knowing the chinese for "edit."

anyway, in other work news, i am wearing no pants. on my way to work this morning, the weather was doing its best impression of a typhoon, only colder, and i got half soaked despite the valiant efforts of my cheap umbrella. so i took off my pants and have fashioned a shawl around my waist as s skirt. and that is how it now stands at 11:30 am. i don't believe that my pants are getting much drier, so i will probably be wearing wet pants to the NPA birthday party.

yes, for reasons unbeknownst and left unexplained to Julie, Inc. the NPA decided to throw a birthday party in April. to celebrate birthdays for everyone through the whole year. really, i have no idea why they chose today. but as they are the providers of security for this renegade island and its leaders, i guess they can do whatever the hell they want. if the general consensus is that april is the month to celebrate yearly birthdays, so be it. we are to have sesame chicken soup and oily rice and undoubtedly lots of singing and dancing and a tasteless cake. my wet pants shall fit right in.

i just read that ryan and paula are feuding about whetherthey are feuding on american idol. the horror. the horror. you know, i have just ben indoctrinated into the wild world of AI, don't fall apart now! then again, it might be because ryan can dish it out but can't take it--like so many men i have known and have been rumored to have been romantically linked to, though not for long. he totally dissed paula--whose coldhearted snake video covers many other sins-- but he cant take it when she says he kisses the mirror? oh i love fanning t flames of idle and totally pointless trash talk. well, loves, i have to go celebrate birthdays now. i better get dressed.


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