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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Around the World in 23 days!

This will probably be a multinstallment set of posts because the volume of experiences in the last month traveling from San Diego to Taiwan to India to South Africa and back to SD are too much for my concentration and, likely, everybody else's.

A few summary issues.

Jetbridges. I am going to compose an ode to jetbridges. I love jetbridges. You know what I don't love? taking stairs to buses. The developing world, however, seems to heartily enjoy buses. They favor them. They enjoy planes being geometrically patterned out on tarmacs, like fighter jets on Top Gun. "Hey we don't have a gate for this plane--well, just park it out in that field over there, the other planes can get around it!"

I also love lines. queuing as they say in some countries. Yep, I love a good line. Taking turns makes me weak in the knees. It's something that usually annoys me, until I visit countries who don't value a good line so much. In addition to my passport, my elbows also got a good workout slamming people to the side when I realized it was either break out the elbows or wait while other people jump in front of you until time immemorial and you turn into a pile of dust like Lot's wife, but for an even stupider reason.


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