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Sunday, May 14, 2006

DeKlerkily deliscious

F.W. De Klerk is visiting Taiwan! And one of my students is the head of security for his wife. She's a woman with incredible style and womanliness who turns into a gun-toting badass when VIPs arrive. So cool. She's met Chen Shuibian so many times that she finds it yawnworthy. I also love that ex heads of state can come here and extend a long overdue middle finger to the mainland now that they no longer represent official state business. So the Nobel Peace Prize winners can come here for a lil chat. a lil tete a tete. and Chen can say scandalous things about how Taiwan's constitution could follow the South African model...implying that Taiwan has a constitution that it is responsible for and is able to change. heh.

New love found in Brian McLaren. Just read his Sojourners interview about DaVinci Code. Luscious, really.

I just shaved my legs for the first time in...I'll just let you guess. Anyway, it's a religious experience now, the few times I indulge. It's so funny how shaving our legs is a cultural thing. Like, I wonder if many of the girls here have any idea that women in the west shave their legs every few days. It's definitely a part of our lives, we must have razors when we go places--we sometimes have shaving cream and certain lotion we use that doesnt sting after shaving. We have to think about how much salt water hurts after a fresh shave. Girls here don't shave their legs. Can you imagine a whole life without leg shaving?I remember my mom thinking I wanted to shave to early when my blonde leg hairs were poking out of my 1990s opaque navy blue tights. And now, she's mortified that I have become a bohemian hairball. Blame it on Taiwan. I saw my students wearing skirts without shaving their legs. So I followed suit. Except that when I wear shortish skirts I do get some heart palpitations, like I am doing something very countercultural and revolutionary, and I don't know whether to be excited or ashamed. Whenever I think of shaving my legs I think of this quote from Jack Black from the movie Enemy of the State and it makes me laugh. Fiedler: *Please* let me follow the nanny. She doesn't shave her legs. Women like that are so... HOT.

Nana nee Taco, my hairdressing stalker, is turning 19 in a few days. She informed me that people don't usually celebrate birthdays ending in 9. so she is going to have a party in which no one is allowed to wish her happy birthday. hilarious.

Whenever I see stray eyelashes or eyebrows that have fallen on to my desk I can't help but think of Gattaca and Jude Law saying "keep your eyelashes on your face where they belong."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Jack Black line.
Shaving is the biggest ma-fan ever. Yet I just can't bring myself to not do it ... at least once a month or so. ;)
When a certain ex-roommate of mine (near and dear to you as well) made our list of Reasons Not to Get Married, one of them was "We'd have to shave our legs all the time."
I think I'll keep this quote anonymous. But I bet you know who I am.

11:11 PM  
Blogger Julie Hartle said...

I think I do know, But I like the air of mystery, I also like how ironic it is in light of certain recent events. i.e. you getting your legs chopped off. ;)

1:58 AM  
Blogger Marcia Fry - Vance Fry said...

Julie, I love all the new blog posts. I meant to just read the one about the "divers" but just kept reading. So many hilarious moments. The white on black is killing my eyes, though. Yikes!

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:52 PM  

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