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Monday, May 22, 2006

sing sing sing

Yesterday's feeling of conquest--our team raised over US $1000! and the whole climbathon raised over 30,000-- was replaced by an increasingly downward-angled frown as I looked at my schedule this week. I fear that much prayer and a flask of (very) hard liquor will be required to get me sanely to the end of the week.

The sense of dread that came with realizing I am leaving at 6:50 AM on Wednesday to judge a daylong drama contest gave way to a sense of punch-drunk hilarity when I realized that, after that torture, on Friday evening I will be judging a singing contest whose selections include Quando Quando Quando and My Heart Will Go On. FYI: Engelbert Humperdink is coming to Taipei soon. And now Taiwanese children will be performing his songs en masse, with actions no doubt. And I get to witness and pass judgment on these children. I'll be like "all of you who sang enthusiastically have been deselected by the process of natural selection and will be sterilized as you leave the building. My condolences." And tomorrow I shall be singlehandedly teaching my university students about prejudice and discrimination. I think it will be a handy time to discuss how crappily they treat Vietnamese and Filipino workers. Maybe I'll make them pretend to sleep on the bathroom floor or not give them their customary break, or possibly order them to go buy me coffee and then take it out of their wages when I find something wrong with it. I could set up a brothel on one side of the room and make them sell me their younger siblings. No more La La land. Jessie once had a student say that Taiwan had no racism because they have no black people. I think it's about time people were disabused of that notion. In general, people are FAR more racist here than in the U.S. Which makes sense, because they aren't even striving for equality. Hierarchy is a given. Much as hierarchies tend to form in some manner even in the best of situations, at least in the U.S. we have the pretense of striving for equality, Taiwanese people haven't even set it up as a goal.

In any case, the Lark News has a hysterical article about outsourcing call-in prayer lines to India. That one and the Billy Graham article on the front are choice.

Yesterday I bought Jay Chou's live concert performance--the concert I attended--and it makes me smile every time I look at the picture of him in his velour aboriginal outfit. I'm so thrilled that I have this image for posterity.


Blogger Amy said...

A velour aboriginal outfit. Wow.

I am so sorry about your insane week. Will be praying you through! I'm going to discover what it's like to be at my parents' house with my fiance. Should be interesting. His birthday's tomorrow so we'll have some fun ... :)

And wow, yes, Taiwan is incredibly racist. Did you hear about the "black jokes" that the songleader made at an English camp led by the (outraged) Hope and Charlotte?

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Hey Julie!
Sorry for not writing in a long, long time, school,work,traveling, and sports have all but consumed my time.

Thank you for changing to softer colors on your blog. My eyes were doing weird tricks after reading the white letters on black background. Also, when are you back in the states?? I'll be in SD and LA for the first week in June

2:53 PM  
Blogger Julie Hartle said...

Chris! Nice to see you make your triumphant return! Traveling? do tell! We'll have to properly email to catch up, but i'm glad to see you back.

Ah, Amy, prayers for you and the finace at the 'rents house. I envision some sort of meet the parents scenario, unfortunately you don't have an ex boyfriend living in the vicinity who fashions altars out of one solid piece of wood. Never heard about the jokes made at Char and Hope's camp. unbelievable.

5:29 PM  

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