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Friday, July 21, 2006

i have a price

Yesterday I was watching tv and I made a few important discoveries. 1. If someone paid me 20,000 dollars, I would agree to appear in a genital herpes commercial. to say the line "I thought I was being careful even when I didn't see any sores breaking out" would cost an extra 5 grand. 2. the lady freely doing yoga in the commercial made me realize that all people who do yoga are dirty whores. don't date people who do yoga, most of them have genital herpes, and friends, they are not being careful sores or not, which is why the commercial caters to them. One should never trust those who wear patchouli oil. That's a life lesson I learned...not the hard way because I saw high fidelity and john cusack telling tim robbins to get his patchouli stink out of his store.

after getting our toes beautified and feet buffed by Mai and Kim at Number One nails--they have massage chairs for your sitting pleasure--we went to this awesome little creamery called Cold Mountain creamery. The proprietor clearly loves his job and every day he invents some special flavors. yesterday i had almond/fig and maple/cinnamon, all made with the real deal, super soft and delicious. my mom had honey roasted sunflower seed ice cream. it sort of tastes like gelato. anyway, it's in this real hole of a strip mall in El Cajon, a totally unexpected addition. I hope he lasts, though. I love supporting small businesses.


Anonymous Linda said...

cracking me up as usual, Jules!
pray for me. I am preaching at church tonight!

7:16 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

i REALLY need to make it to a cold mountain creamery. mmm ...
and i knew there was a reason i don't like yoga!

12:13 PM  
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