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Friday, June 23, 2006

notes from noibai

Of course I'm writing more from vietnam. I am stuck in their shat-ass airport, and have been thusly trapped for 16 hours. honestly, i feel catatonic. praise the Lord for these corrupt business class ladies who are letting me come in and get cheap soda and use the internet at will. the restaurant upstairs changed crews and may i say that the night crew is infinitely more hostile than the day crew. i wanted hot water refills for my tea and at one point they actually lied and said they had no more at which point i looked at them and said "you have no more hot water???" and gave them a look taht was like "you pathetic asshole liars" and then they siad "okay, last one. dude, i was getting up to get them MYSELF. what, do they get the benes from the movie-theateresque prices being charged--four dollars for a scoop of ice cream, i would like to announce. as if my getting another cup of tea is going to fund anything of theirs. no, dude, that money goes to the man. the commie man. wake up and smell the rebellion, whorefaces. anyway, my bitterness has set in fully as you can clearly read.

that would be fueled by the fact that there have been like 4 major fubars here, one being that i was denied my transit hotel by a moron bureaucrat who handled my initial customs entry, then at 5pm when i realized i had proof that i was supposed to have had some sort of option besides sitting in this little crap of an airport and was hoping for something, anything, you know, an apology that i had to sleep on metal chairs and have already killed 3 cockroaches, that this place isn't airconditioned adequately, etc, as they were all passing the buck--there were 6 of them at one point which made me laugh b/c they were a big clusterfuck with blank looks on their faces. I believe that none of them knew which line of bullshit i had already received and so they were at a loss as to which one they should then feed me...you know, like "we ran out of boiled water." but the real piece de resistance as i seemed to be winning some kind of recognition, and was frankly hoping for either some monetary compensation or a flight upgrade, we realized that it was all for naught b/c my travel agent f*ed up and made my visa a single entry for my next arrival in july and hadnt given me a multiple entry for this stay over. not to mention that she had given me a city tour when i asked for a hotel. i was defeated. dude, i'm hot, i have an ingrown hair in my armpit that is totally painful, i had just sat and explained my whole sob story 5 times to people who don't have one rat's ass of sympathy for anyone who can afford to fly internationally since it's probably more than they make in a whole year. anyway, in the end they said "see, your visa is wrong, and you know the trip is complimentary, so why don't you go upstairs and enjoy your free meal and i very dramatically said "i'm not even hungry, and this is a fucking nightmare." and i ended up crying. i'm very tired, you see. and then i apologized later since in the end i wouldnt have gotten through customs at all even if their employees hadn't had their heads up their asses. which they very well did, by the way, that was clearly established before we found out that mine is shoved up even further.

um, i believe that what is going to push me over the edge into complete insanity is that there was an announcement about our flight being delayed until 3am. They have an awesome awesome announcement when the flights are delayed. they say, "we regret to inform you that the flight has been dalyed by the late arrival of the airplane." bwahahahaahah. code for: we had to wake up captain nguyen from his rum-induced stupor in bangkok and he didnt make it in time"

everyone here is watching the world cup. people are dressed in jerseys--most foreigners here are japanese and european--so the euros are all enthralled, but so is everyone else. it would feel communal if i hadnt been cheated by everyone i ran into today. hmmm, i've always appreciated taiwanese hospitality, but i'm really yearning for it now. anyway, i better go. here's to hoping it all goes uphill from here.


Blogger Amy said...

i am SO sorry. :( praying for you, girl! love you!

2:35 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

good luck on your trip Julie!! And atleast the pilot is sleeping off the drunkeness rather than trying to fly drunk.

1:59 AM  
Anonymous Linda said...

my love...
i hope you are having a better time now.

miss you and praying for you, sister!

7:24 AM  

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