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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

one day to departure

My going away sale is coming to a close and it's been fairly successful. I had no expectations, so the fact that anything has sold is a bonus. If anyone wants to check from abroad, I have a blog for it--totally ghetto simple, but it does the job: http://julie-sells.blogspot.com . I've succeeded in the last few days in outfitting the art department in Melissa's clothing. Our biggest coup was Olive, the sexagenarian who managed to fit into a few pairs of pants. Her coworkers were like "she never buys anything new for herself." And she still doesn't.

I have some Bvlgari perfum to sell. Anyone wear it or want it? It's Bvlgari Blv and I'm willing to sell it for 20 US. to save the hassle of putting it on Ebay or returning it to a store for exchange. It's new. It was a super sweet gift from one of my FBI friends/students and she gave it to me because I told her that she smelled good once, and it's what she wears. Excellent memory, and way more personal than most of the truly random crap I get. But I pretty much only wear Truth and Eternity and I have tons of it left (hah). She wins for having the quote of the week, by the way, and it refers to an acquaintance who implied that she might be making some harrassing phone calls to his cell number: "What would be my purpose in harrassing him, anyway? I'm in the FBI, believe me, I could harrass him better than that. Besides, I have friends in central communications, if I wanted to know who was making those calls I could easily call up a friend and get the numbers. But it's just not that important."
Dude, don't you wish that when you wanted to really stick it to someone, you could have government intelligence at your fingertips? Usually we have to sit there and think about how we can possibly prove our innocence. She could prove her innocence with a phone call, but she's basically offended that he's heinous enough to accuse her in the first place. bwahahahaha.

I leave for my worldwide tour tomorrow--russia and ukraine here I come! Don't know how much blogging will be done. Charity informed me tonight that one review of our hotel in Moscow said that half-dressed prostitutes were to be found aplenty. Just like Hotel Vladivostok! Russians. grrrr.


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