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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Inja, you spice up my life

So one thing I will miss about India is being able to get phenomenal chai at any time. This morning I happened to make the clearly unaware-of-my-surroundings request for them to make it spicier than normal. and now it has the same searing hotness of a shot of whiskey or something. but no matter. it is still spicy and fabulous in its peppery gingerness. my tongue is numb.

today is Eid, a huge Muslim holiday. It is a bank holiday in India. No one in our office happened tell this to our project manager because we assumed the office was still open and ready for us. not so much. locked. I refer to my previous post where i predict that hell for the Dutch will turn out to be India. I think there is probably a whole village full of dutch people somewhere in the middle of india being confounded at every turn. Not that i love it when things don't go as expected. but my usual response it to laugh and laugh.


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mmm, chai ...

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