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Monday, May 22, 2006

Tuesday morning

Oh the sadness. I just tried to post pictures of the 101 Climb and a few other choice memories, but the page wouldn't load. I'll have to post pictures when I get home. The server is down. Or it's possible that I just don't understand the Chinese and have to use my home computer which is in English. It's kind of annoying to have studied a language for so long and still not be able to navigate a simple blog page with it. I feel happy that I can do it in Spanish, or maybe that's even more depressing, that I'm nearly as capable in a language I studied like 1/4 as long as I studied Chinese.

Oh but this is not a day for sadness! I have a deluxe Fuji apple slathered with peanut butter because today I splurged and instead of buying two cheap apples I bought one enormous one! That's right, because my Hips Don't Lie and I'm starting to feel it's right. Shakira is always good for the mood. I'd like to announce that when I get to heaven, I am definitely heading to the South American section to party. Speaking of which, last night I was reading El Bible and it turns out that God is down with the nose rings. Who knew? In chapter 16 God is describing how he took Israel from being a bloody baby on the side of the road and made her grow in to a beautiful woman, and he describes how he lovingly clothed her: bracelets on the arms, necklace, nose ring, earrings, leather sandals, embroidered cloth (Let's not address the part afterward where she trusts in her own beauty and whores herself out instead of trusting in God and then he gets pissed.) So, she sounds Indian to me. I mean, clearly she was Middle Eastern--he gives her honey and olive oil for food, but in modern times I think it sounds more like Indian women. The vast majority of Indian women might be poor as shit, but almost all of them sport impressive amounts of jewelry--fake yellow gold for the poor, real yellow gold for the rich, and nose rings abound. This confirms something I have always suspected about God: he has excellent taste in fashionand a soft spot for outrageous displays. This is why Carson Kressley is really a little slice of a facet of God.

Oh, back to work, I guess.


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