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Thursday, July 12, 2007

CCT and various addictions

CCt-Crazy China Today
i'd like to thank Julia for her contribution to my new blog feature "crazy china today" in the form of this link to an article about some chinese vendors using cardboard *picked up off the ground*--not even fresh cardboard, are you kidding me?-- in their baozi, which are big juicy buns filled with fatty meat... and cardboard. this is frickin aaaaawwwweeesoooommmeee.

new musical finds for the week: Peter Bjorn & John--especially the songs "young folks" and "objects of my affection" ; the Cold War Kids with their songs "hospital beds" and "pass around the hat" (couldn't find a youtube link).

So if any of you were thinking of going trekking, or merely vacationing, in Bhutan, one of my friends there has opened up a travel agency called Bhutan Millenium Tours and Treks. i'm pretty sure Lhatru's wife did something like stand in the snow outside the business office for 3 weeks to get it, so I hope they get some business. it's right among the Himalayas, hello K2, hello everest...and the sad thing is that when i entertain the thought of going there the first thing i think of is eating the bhutanese specialty dish that has cheese and hot chilies in it. i should tour the world trying the various cheese dishes of each country. then maybe i could reach my (and my coworker jill's) goal of having people cut me out of my house--we've both been morbidly sucked into the show about the brookhaven obesity hospital. not regularly, of course (she says, backpedaling and justifying herself)

the other day my sweet coworker wajeeh (why the h? i don't think it adds anything, but hey, he's adorable soo he can have as many Hs as he wants) asked me how many cups of coffee i have every day. i lowballed it and said "4-5?" and he looked shocked and, frankly, like he pitied me. i said "i know, but it's just that now that i've started, i don't know how else to go on."

in other george bush veto power news: Hi, I'm George Bush and my heroes are Mussolini and the government in Myanmar.

posh and becks are getting all sexy naked for a W magazine photo shoot. yawn. as if we havent seen people in the last stages of starvation before. soon they won't have the energy to speak and will be apathetic towards flies.


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