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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


i'd like us all to revisit one of my favorite Onion articles: http://www.theonion.com/content/node/38827 , the reason for this is that i went on a date last night and have therefore been thinking about relationshipal things, and this is one of my favorite faux articles. *sigh* if you want details you have to email me, but i have promised to get my stats homework done before i divulge any details to anyone. so, don't hold your breath.

as for work, i will be developing training content and then i will be traveling around the world and training people using the content i and my cohorts have produced. i will definitely be keeping all of your various locales in mind when i get assigned my travel dates. sooo excited!

i'd also like to announce--and i don't want to be a corporate whore, here--but i LOVE my ultrabland cleanser from lush. it cleanses my skin amazingly while keeping it soft and moisturized.

blargh. back to stats. i also have a bunch of papers due for political economy and may i say that that class has been one of the most stimulating and yet frustrating of my whole life? yes, i may say that.


Anonymous amy said...

wow i didn't know about the traveling part! that's awesome!!

6:07 PM  

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