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Friday, February 09, 2007

i love kevin pics

yesterday when i was pulling some docs off my flash drive i found all the pics we took at ORTV when kevin had cancer and jamin and i organized the i love kevin project. so i posted all the pics online. if you are an ORTVer now and want to see pics of coworkers from 2004, or if you are a former ORTVer and want to get nostalgic, check out this link! you also get to see the hilarious results of my cultural faux pas in which i made a sign that said "i love kevin" in white and black and cindy said "white and back means death" and so, while i made a new sign in yellow and red, jamin photoshopped the old pics and turned the black lettering of "i love kevin" into red lettering. red. vivre. life. let this be a lesson to you all.


Blogger Lamont said...

Dude...where was I?? Was this when I was sent to live in the middle of the lovely country?? or was it before I came back in Oct? hmm..but great to see everyone again! And won't the wedding be a grand time too?? WHOO HOO!!

9:24 PM  

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