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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


ah, is there anything so thrilling as finals time in winter? yes. yes there is. and i am not doing the many things more thrilling than finals because i am still writing my finals. i'm terrible at finals. you know, i thought that now that i knew myself better and had chosen an area of study that was really interesting that i would be excited about research and finals papers. but i'm not. i mean, they're interesting enough. but i don't have a burning desire to do them. i feel happy with what i have learned this semester and i feel that my being happy about it should be enough. i think i might have done well at Brown. Brown, however, is not in san diego--its one major flaw. frickin new england hippies.

yesterday when i was driving down the highway i saw the very longest motorcade i have ever seen, and a bunch of the cars had stuffed animals protruding from the windows. and i wondered who in the world was that important to have like half the city's cops behind them, cars filled with stuffed animals. but then corinne said she saw it last year and, actually, it is a bunch of policemen who take underprivileged kids to target on shopping sprees. so cute. speaking of adorable holiday season happiness, there was a feature on the news yesterday about two Chargers players who went to a school with the program Bikes for Kids. and at first they chose like 4 kids and gave them bikes and then... they announced that actually the whole 3rd grade got bikes. and oh how those kids freaked out. and jacques cesaire, one of our ginormous players was like "man, it choked me up, kids were crying and screaming like they'd won the sweepstakes or something." indeed. it was both heartwarming, and sort of a relief, that kids still get excited about free bikes.

what's awesome is walking down the hallway eating the dregs of your oatmeal and then, with the very last bite, inhaling your oatmeal and then coughing up cinnamon for like half an hour. that's what's really cool.

what kind of crack does reese's use in their peanut butter cups? grade A prime addictively delicious crack, that's what kind. genetically engineered for the julie.

i'm still trying to pinch myself over the fact that my chargers are rated number one in the whole NFL and have clinched the AFC west. it's so cool. every week i get to watch them kick some serious butt. and then..they don't blow it. this has never happened before in my whole cognizant life. except the year they went to the super bowl, of course. and that was a great year. stupid steve young andthe 49ers.


Blogger Rachel said...

I'm laughing so hard, Julie! Especially about the cinnamon oatmeal thing. :)

I'll share a funny moment with you---this week in my Shih Chien class, my students gave demonstration speeches, and one girl decided to make a "dessert" of peanut-butter and banana sandwiches. Anyway, what was funny was that she announced to the class: "Today I am making a betel nut and banana sandwich. First, you spread the betel nut on the bread..."

Then she looked at all of us, who were laughing in our seats, and wondered what was wrong. Turns out she had no idea she was saying betel nut...her innocence made the situation even funnier!

Anywho...the peanut butter M&Ms are also quite addicting. I think I've bought 10 bags of them so far. The big bags...which have 20 or so packets in them. So that makes 200 packets of M&Ms...that's a lot of calories. I must give some away.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous lisa said...

Thinking of you and sending happy thoughts your way. The one good thing about finals is that they are over within a week, along with the classes you hated so much. Then you just get to go home and eat pie and open presents. Godspeed, my love.

1:55 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

ahhh, finals are over for me- now its off to a tropical 3rd world paradise- nothing but beaches, lagoons, a few good books, and lots of cheap food and drinks. Ooh, and possibly a tan!

Congrats on completing your first grad school semester- trust me, they fly by- I'll be done in June!! Wooohoo!

2:26 AM  
Anonymous mrs. m. said...

So true about the Reese's PB cups.

3:45 PM  

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