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Thursday, November 16, 2006

musical happenings

So I'm all tired and exhausted from school and work and family, and the fact that little dramas have broken out at school and work, and thank GOD not in the family, and I'm just tired of all this drama, you know? and i'm like, "yes, mary j blige knows how i am feeling! i need to get her in my ear and we can groove through this little dramafest." and then, the horror!! i havent put mary j on my ipod yet! aaaaahhhhhhh. noooo. so that was my dismay of the morning.

staying musical, on my way to work today i had my windows down--what every good driver who doesnt have a working radio does, btw. and i hear this jazz music playing. and on the first block, i was like maybe it's those mexican construction workers...blasting jazz. may i just say that "blasting jazz" is just a bizarre concept anyway. so then i pass more construction, some churches, some parking lots and i am like "where the hell is that jazz coming from?" yeah, the car behind me was playing *jazz* so loud that it sounded like the san diego downtown soundtrack. i'm like...who listens to jazz that loud? it's weird, man. eminem i have heardand dance, trance, rock and hip-hop. but this is a first.

oh crap, in the same vein, my nephew always watches this show called little einsteins--or little geniuses as i said to jen--and they always feature a piece of classical music throughout their episode. yesterday was the 4 seasons by vivaldi..and my nephew was *dancing* to *vivaldi*. dancing to vivaldi. like, rocking out. to vivaldi. jumping around to vivaldi. it's like the most adorable thing ever. i feel like a little teen classical musicians must have done the same, you know made the rocking V sign with their hands, like "this Haydn is blowing my mind, man."


Anonymous Aim said...

lol at the San Diego downtown soundtrack. :)

you need to get you a video of the nephew gettin' down to vivaldi.

3:33 PM  

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