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Saturday, November 11, 2006

foraging for prayers

i realized the other day that i have a weird quirk, i always tilt my head to the right. always. and this has given me a skewed view of myself. mainly, that i am more attractive than i actually am. may i announce that this is not the most pleasant revelation i've had all year. but it might explain some things to some of you. now some people have already told me that they noticed that when i looked in the mirror to see if an outfit loooks good, i tilt right, but i didnt know it was a pretty constant state of affairs. and i appreciate none of you waking me from my delusions-i believe it is best to let people be delusional, as long as it is positive and doesnt harm others. luckily i never thought i looked like gisele bundchen...or did i? i feel the crazy creeping up on me. i have one coworker who constantly jerks her head to one side as if she is flipping her hair, but she isnt, she does it even when there is no hair to flip. i keep wondering if it is just a really bizarre habit she picked up or a sign of a health problem. me? i cock my head sideways to the right all the time. maybe the right side of my head is heavier than the left side. what is right-brainedness anyway? i don't know, maybe the right side of my brain is much larger than the left. i wonder what that would mean. i once knew akid at church who had problems and his doctor said that he couldnt decidee which side of his brain to use and so he would like bat lefthand but write righthand and it had all these weird educational implications, like apaprently developmentally we all choose to go right or left predominantly. or maybe it's genetic. anyway, they had to train him to use one side of his brain to do more--to favor his right hand, to favor his right eye, etc. fascinating. maybe amy knows something about this? mrs m?

so today as i was doing research on Gross National Income (GNI) statistics, i came upon a group called the Gay Naturists International (also GNI). who knew?

AH, and indeed, Lamonster, it is a miraculous testament that we can have such differing political views and still get along so well. it is the Lord, who gave us our pop culture loving souls, who keeps us singing together on long car trips from indy to memphis. kumbaya, my friend. My parents and i also have radically different views on how to vote our morals, and so we went to the polls together and canceled each other out in a beautiful display of democracy that we all found totally amusing. i did not reelect the governator. i actually voted green--i like to pepper my votes between the blue, green and red, depending on who i think is most ideologically solid--i like peter camejo quite a bit. i knew there was no chance of my vote being crucial in a struggle between angelides and the governator. the dems ran a decent race as far as i could tell--emphasis on jobs, environment and getting troops back from iraq. pretty straight up. although in this election all they really had to do was not be republicans. the repubs have had some serious issues this year, reintroducing the obscure racial slur macaca is just the tip of the berg, and i mean most christian republicans will vote for any republican sheister as long as they vote against abortion and gay marriage, it's like a free ticket for nasty politicians to screw the environment--because they don't actually give a rat's ass about our children--screw the poor, and finagle other shady deals--but this year the hypocrisy was just too much. it's like finally people thought, "hey, i really dont think i can vote for people who take tons of special interest money, vote for policies that will make my kids have to wear gas masks whenever they step outside, sleep with prostitutes, and cover up scandals with boys, no matter what their stance on abortion is." thank GOD. i know, i know, as if the dems won't do this as well. and so the carousel goes round. the repubs have got to get themselves into church and repent and actually frickin believe in something. holy heaven. otherwise who are they going to vote into congress to counteract president clinton in 2014 when people are finally sick of her liberal policies?
as billy graham told bill clinton: leave running the country to your wife, you need to be a preacher.

ahem, now that i have elicited concerned prayers from all of my republican friends--it's all just a ruse to gather heavenly currency!--onward and upward to better and bigger things. yesterday i came home and slept for 4 hours from 630-1030pm. has the julie ever been so exhausted? well, on that drive to the airport with julia after finals freshman year when only the grace of God can account for us making it to new york alive--maybe then. i'm in my second weekend of no social life due to midterm paper writing. this one is for the russian. i've been compiling some really interesting statistics on religious freedom in post communist countries. did you know that the orthodox church is almost as religiously oppressive as islam? and apparently these majority orthodox countries have some major beef with jehovas witnesses and baptists--it's so wrong. i mean, dude, i get annoyed at having to politely tell JWs to scram, and their theology is super off, but i don't think people should beat the crap out of them, or firebomb them. they are well intentioned little cultists, like the mormons. attention: unchecked aggression at being poor as shit and having no will to fight for a better life being very poorly directed, ye old russian nationalists.

as i do my research i have a glass of water, coffee, and tea on the table next to me. i admit it: i have a drinking problem.

we went out for bagels this morning and corinne brought the adorable owen the brave who ran like 2 miles around the shopping center. in the amphitheater with the christmas tree he flirted with a little vietnamese girl whose mom works at the nearby nail salon. well, they ran toward each other on the ramp and then ran away multiple times. i'm pretty sure that is 2 year old flirting.

stranger than fiction is out, eek, i need to get my research done so i can get some movie watching in! au revoir.


Blogger Dakota Kid said...

IF you did get to see "Stranger then Fiction", please let me know what your critique of the film is for me. I think we both need to start doing Film critiques on our blogs so the world (and our movie going friends and families) may save money on crap or at least wait to spend it when the films go to the cheap theaters or rentals..or if they are even to be ignored there too! :) And I'd love to hear what films your excited about for this holiday season!!!


9:43 PM  
Anonymous mrs m. ;) said...

No comment on your political confusion. ;) But two-year-old flirting is indeed adorable. :)

Oh, and sorry, I haven't learned much about the left-right brainedness issue yet. Check back with me next year after I've taken grad-level Human Growth and Development.

3:38 PM  

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