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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

winds of change

Ooooooh friends. I am breathing in the glorious air of democracy. Go D! oh, i hope the senate pulls it out--come on VA. i cant believe montana is now double dem in the senate. that is some insanity. really. oh... bye bye rumsfeld, you nasty warmongerer, don't let the door hit you in the ass. au revoir. that was like 6 years too long. and our new saucy speaker, nancy pelosi, beat her opponent like 80% to 11% or sth ridiculous. she *is* in san fran. i hope the dems don't totally eff this up. get in power and then start money grubbing just like the repubs or something. it would be just too disappointing. not that they don't all do that to an extent, i'm not completely naive...but you know. they talk the right talk--money for education, healthcare, helping the environment, upping minimum wage. hope they actually do it. i cant believe we voted down prop 86. we are california. of course we can tax cigarettes through the roof. argh. i know, i know, i love a nice cigarette as much as the next girl. apparently it works--making cigarettes cost prohibitive will help people quit...or will make them learn to buy online from kentucky. as a person who now has only a tragic half pack a year at the most...it wouldnt be cost prohibitive for me, so i speak from a place of judgment and wrath!!

mmm...we have this new green tea in our machine at work and it tastes exactly like the green tea from sushi express in taiwan, which, bizarrely was my favorite green tea, ever. it gives me feelings of warmth--sushi express was always a place of happiness and good memories.

so, jeff gordon got married last weekend to a belgian model who is taller than he is. way to be jeff gordon.

and wow, who saw this coming? britney and k-fed are breaking up. i feel like we have all been hit by a train...a train we saw coming at us right from the station, slowly and painfully and hideously, a train with lots of little spawn from different mama trains, eating fried chicken and reminding us a lot like a protracted episode of jerry springer. but, brit, i have to echo kanye west when i holler "we want pre-nup, we want prenup, yeah. It's something that you need to have, cuz when s(he) leaves yo ass s(he) gonna leave wit' half" in this case, k-fed the dancing queen will probably make out royally and be able to sleaze his way into at least 3 or 4 more kids. he and evander holyfield should do lunch. except that holyfield actually had talent and fought to support his kids. he can be a wise mentor to little federline grasshopper.

anyway, speaking of kids, as i have mentioned before, my favorite activity in life is snuggling with my 2 year old nephew right after he wakes up and is in that half-awake state. this morning we managed to establish that we both have feet and toes and knees. and that his knees are ticklish. and that his dory and nemo dolls both are fish and they both have eyes. corinne and i think he's a genius. we repudiate reports of 2 year olds who play violins and learn how to do surgery from the discovery channel. they are mutants. and i think we all learned a valuable lesson from x-men three that mutants need to be cured or they will try to kill hugh jackman.


Blogger Chris said...

So why did you guys re-elect the Terminator??

And you are so right about the Kanye West song- WE WANT PRE-NUP! Yeah!
"18 years, 18 years and then he found out it wasn't his!"

So, so true...

1:52 PM  
Blogger Dakota Kid said...

oh..Julie, Julie, Julie...I'm so glad that we are "pop-culture-soul-siblings", because we sure can't do the discuss politics thing without going to blows...or at least selected choice words!! ha! Just kidding..I love ya, even with your skewed dislike of Lincoln's Party!! :)

8:32 PM  

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