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Monday, October 09, 2006

columbus day

So I'm sitting and talking to Charity after we saw The Departed--two thumbs up, well written.funny and yet heavy, close your eyes at the violent scenes, etc. i am in love with leonardo dicaprio, much like The Prestige, this movie didnt even have to be a talkie and i would still have seen it, matt damon, leo, christian bale, hugh jackman, oh my! mark wahlberg is hysterical!--and Chare asks me about how i'm doing with school and work and everything and as i ramble on, i realize, i'm happy with everything, school is totally stimulating and challenging, work is fun and pays the bills and they love the work i do, church is good, but like i am just so overwhelmed. there is just not enough time to be a healthy human being and work full time and take three classes. so i relaly like my classes but i cant actually prepare for them, and i really want to b/c i find them fascinating. except one, post communist politics i am talking to YOU! and i'm like, hmm, well, i was only planning on taking 2 classes per semester anyway, i should just try to drop post-comm. and i am feeling good and relaxed by this decision. so i call the registrar's office this morning. ring, ring, "hello, i had to add a third class for my major but i havent paid for three classes and there's this class i really hate, so can i just drop it?" "at this point you need to petition to drop a class" "oh, how do i petition?" "you have to have a compelling reason" and i'm thinking, 40 hours a week and three classes is a helluva good reason and i say "what is a compelling reason?" and she says "you know, death, serious injury..." so i start cracking up and i'm like "death? so i guess working full time and not being able to handle it won't cut it?" silence. "look, i'm totally going to pay for that third class, i don't want to be a cheap skate, but i mean, if i drop a class and i havent paid for a class, doesnt that even out?" and she says "no, you'll get a W and you still have to pay for that class or we will put a hold on your record and you won't be able to do anything." and i say "oh. bummer." and she says "yeah. sorry." and i'm like damn .i just have to deal with 3 more months of total insanity. luckily it's enjoyable insanity. but i'm like "damn, i don't want to go to school and do a mediocre job AGAIN!!" not to mention that i've learned more about post soviet politics through wikipedia than i have through my prof. grrr. anyway, i'll just power through this semester and only take two classes/semester forevermore. selah.

so, i'd like to announce that if God indeed has a nourishing udder, the liquid flowing through that udder is pumpkin spice flavored coffeemate creamer. people. you have no idea the blissful death i will die from the partially hydrogenated heaven i ingest every day with various flavors of coffeemate. jennifer introduced me to creme brulee, pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha. they even have a vanilla chai spice. i cannot adequately describe the greatness of it. they are like cheap, fabulous lattes with less calories.

today is columbus day, and because i work for a company that contracts to the government and the government has the day off, so do i. but i am working from home because campbell and linda are coming to visit! yay. i am trading monday and wednesday. i hope you don't mind if i do a little blog prophesying. i prophesy that campbell asked linda's parents for her hand in marriage and that they are engaged. and i bet that linda will break this news to me...we have something to tell you... and expect me to be surprised, which i just never am. poor thing, i can just see her coming from 500 miles away. and i will make this face i always make that says "i'm sorry, i'm totally not surprised, but i'm still really happy for you!"

ahem. anyway, my favorite recent find is ratemyprofessors.com which has very honest and hysterical reviews of professors. you'll be happy to know that my post communist politics prof has been rated incomprehensible and yet "hot" one person said that the class sucked but they would take it again because he is so hot. bwaahahahaha. good to know that teaching ability doesnt affect your hotness rating. they have little chili peppers next to "hot" professors. it's killing me.

back to work and exercise! have great columbus--bringer of imperialism, disease and racial chauvinism-day.


Anonymous Aim said...

You really are the most excellent blogger ever. I am way too tired to say anything more clever (don't have an excuse the rest of the time) but thanks for keeping me laughing. =) Bummer about everyone ruining the proposal though. Such a stubborn little Camper. ;)

8:56 PM  

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