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Friday, September 29, 2006

the running commentary

i've decided to keep a running commentary today.

i've downloaded many new songs onto my ipod, the one sticking in my head right now: Rooftops by lost prophets--a fun, fast anthemic song.

cheese workers won the powerball lottery. as if working in a cheese factory wasn't like winning the lottery of life in the first place. sheesh.

i'm now living vicariously through melissa.

i am typing up something for NASA. i am so cool. in the glossary of terms for this NASA training they define NASA. um...don't you have to have like 2 ph.ds to work there? and you need to have a glossary entry telling you what NASA stands for? hmmmm....disturbing.

i ordered a sandwich for lunch called the BBQ Broham. I feel like i am eating up my former boss whose name had the same pronunciation. divine justice, really.

i know, right, me being type A is a huge laugh. i do, however like the fact that Type A is the exact pronunciation of my past home: Taipei.

I needed to get away from my computer momentarily, so I took a walk around the block. a beautiful man was carrying two gallons of milk home, a girl was chatting on her cell phone about a local university, the architecture around my block is very modern--some of it is far too warehouse/grunge/utilitarian, in my opinion. one building reminds me of the communist buildings julia and i saw in spain--with a few extra frills...like franco with a sense of humor.

and now it is the end of the day and i must leave. have a great weekend!


Anonymous aim said...

loved your running commentary. how are you so funny? i am jealous. my dad always had fun with Type A/Taipei puns. I almost made one yesterday in commenting but thought you might roll your eyes. ;) Despite my cracking up, though, I can definitely see you thriving in a place like that.

7:24 AM  

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