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Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day!

Okay, first order of business on this laborious day: Jens Steltenberg, Norwegian prime minister: A+ addition to the HOt World Leaders List(HOWL). He gets an A+ for being a Labour Party leader, and since we are inducting him on labour day, and since I have been knee deep in reading about Communist--aka Labor Lovers, the good, the bad and the ugly--the timing of Melissa's suggestion could not have been better. Yes, Melissa Tan is responsible for Jens being the first inductee into HOWL in about 6 months. Good eye, Melissa, we all appreciate your attention to detail in this matter.

It is Labor Day in the United States, which in our typical rebellious fashion, we do not celebrate on May 1st like the rest of the world, but on the first Monday of September. Labor Day, in most of the world, was one of the good things established by Communists--or at least was a result of their intense lobbying on behalf of workers, in addition to their establishing the 8 hour workday--and thank God for that! you should have seen what those piggy capitalist employers would do to people when there were no laws! it was horrific. teh fact that the french have whittled it down to a 30 hour work week because they are constantly Le Tired, begs the question: how soon can i become a citizen in this lazy paradise?-- and women's day, which is celebrated on March 8. Marx, by the way, was way sappier and more idealistic than I thought. He had this idea that labor was the one thing that separated us from animals and that in the perfect communist society we would each labor at exactly what we were most talented at and desirous of doing, which would fulfill us, and we wouldnt even need pay because we would be so fulfilled with the fruit of our labour. and we would give from each according to our skill to each according to their need. wow. marx definitely underestimated people's ability to be lazy megasloths and greedy bastards. it's kind of shocking for someone to have such faith in human nature. anyway, you will be happy to know that our paid labor, even though we agree to it and engage in it somewhat voluntarily, is still a form of slavery according to Marx.

in noncommunist news, i am in the throes of painting and redesigning my room! it's fabulous. i have paint all over myself. the room will have 3 white walls and one bright blue. and then...jacksonpollock-like splatter! if i can do it. we shall see. the ceiling has been a real pain. helping our endeavor not at all is the fact that we decided to paint on one of the hottest weekends of the year. still, painting is fun. i rather enjoy manual labor. yesterday, my arms hurt a bit--to be expected when painting, but my ass also hurt--for reasons totally unexpected and unexplainable by me.

today we went to Home Depot, which is the haven for all things home improvement and raw-decoratory. with my tank top, pink pants and exposed tattoo i felt right at home. We then went to trader joes where i didnt feel as comfortable in my trashy digs, but didnt care because trader joes is the food shopping mecca of my world. i would like a cot in trader joes, possibly in the ethnic food/chai aisle. how did i live without chai for so long. truly, it's amazing what one can do when God is the center of one's vision. that hyperbole would have been funny if Africa and India didn't exist.

saw Little Miss Sunshine. awesome. totally hilarious. steve carell as the proust scholar...killing me. Kill-ing Me. i've had residual fits of laughter for the days since.

back to painting!


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