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Monday, August 28, 2006

a trip to the library of love

I am mildly vexed that these heinous pharmaceutical advertisers keep posting comments on my blog. I may have to change my comment settings. harumph. that does not jive with my general laziness m.o.

so despite the fact that I mocked my church's worship band when they changed their name in an assuredly meaningful-in-a-pretentious-cryptic-"deep" way, to Future of Forestry, I actually really like their new stuff. They are still awesome live. an excellent musical and worship experience. brotha d bought me their live ep. that damian is far more of an evangelist than myself.

in that vein, today was a day full of church. church in the morning, midday and evening. frankly, it was fantastic. you have no idea how readily available are good preaching, theology, and fellowship in the united states. and good music. it's a total glut. i'm poo-pooing churches i would have fought to go to in taiwan. sweet heaven. anyway, a good dilemma to have, choosing between the best of what is already more than sufficient.

school starts tomorrow and i think i am about to have a far more typical university experience than my first go round at wellesley. i believe sdsu has somewhere between 35-50000 students graduate and undergraduate. my student body president has written an email to inform me that i can pick up my free football ticket and round trip trolley pass from some admin center. wellesley, being as it was all women and certainly division III, was a tad light when it came to love of american football. a shortcoming to be sure. our mascot was Blue. yes, the Wellesley Blue. Go Blue! now i am at a university with a bona fide violent mascot, the Aztecs. We even have buildings named after aztecs or native american happiness, like montezuma hall and tepeyac hall and maya hall and cuicacalli hall. i'm quite excited about the new avenues of pronunciation my tongue will be traversing. the best feature thus far, though, has got to be Love library. Yes, our library is named after Malcom Love, whose history i will relate to you at some future point. Anyway, he is probably the illustrious alumnus who is president of roto-rooter or something and gave a ton of money for said library and i can only hope that he thought it was as humorous as i do that 50,000 people per year would be using Love library. it feels sort of smarmy, well, or new age, which is...smarmy, really. of course right afetr i left wellesley we had an awesome alumni donation from lulu chow wang for a new student center, so now they have the hilariously named lulu chow wang student center. wang being much like dong when it comes to 4th grade humor. sweeet.

world vision sent me a poster of the solar system with stickers yesterday so that I can send them to sharon in kenya with a little note. sadly, the map has pluto listed as a planet. i'm thinking, those poor world vision people must have been like "talk about dumb luck!" They do a mass mailing of this adorable educational material for us to send to our sponsored kids and it coincides right with the once-in-a-few-hundred-years conference where the whole scientific community up and decides pluto is no longer a planet. anyway, it is still an adorable idea, and i shall simply note to sharon that pluto is no longer a planet, but we love it anwyay and it rightfully deserves a sticker.

weight watchers is going smashingly. i have no idea if i have lost weight, but i feel good. this morning i had a bowl of banana blueberries and strawberries for breakfast. banana is nature's sweetener, really. since i had a ridiculous amount of fruit and a vegetable laden lunch at...Subway (of course) i think i will just have ice cream for dinner. that is one of my favorite things. ice cream tides me over for a very long time. it is delicious and unhealthy and yet it fits right in with my daily diet when i am a pinnacle of health for the first two meals of the day. by the way, yesterday when doing point calculations i realized yet again that pizza, while incredibly delicious especially when made right, is pretty much always the worst dietary choice you can make. two slices basically screwed over my entire day's consumption. grrr.

off now, to do homework. crazy. me, homework, hah!


Blogger Chris said...

Hey Julie,
Good luck with class, mine doesn't start up again for another couple of weeks. And I too am amazed that I actually complete my homework and readings on time this time around. Also, my school too is a division 1 school in football, rather than boring old UCSD- and our student body is something crazy like 30000. Come up and visit and we'll catch a game at the U Dub(yeah, rather than say U of W, they say U Dub)

I am protesting that pluto is no longer a planet- that was my favorite planet. So what is it now??

4:04 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

we miss you, Julie.

do you have e-mail? I have a funny story to share with you. E-mail me sometime at my ORTV address.

I think WW is one of the best weight-loss programs around. It's practical and realistic. I hope you have great success with it!

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Yay! Learning is fun!! said...

Good luck on your first day of school, Julie!!

1:41 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

I agree with you completely about Pluto. It seems a huge waste of time for scientists to devote their precious braincells to demoting planets.

Have fun loving, I mean learning.

5:44 PM  
Blogger beth said...

dude, i'm so sad that i missed the news that pluto is no longer a planet! moment of silence for pluto. julie, your blog is so educational. i might have to blog about this myself.

6:15 PM  

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