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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the douchies

guess what i don't have to do this week? if you answered: get up in chapel and wear stupid clothes and sing some assing songs to my former boss, then you answered correctly. woohoo! i love uncheesy america! i have not once been forced to perform publicly, or even to express emotions i don't feel. in fact i have even been chided for being too excited about inconsequential things. praise the Lord.

when we were on our hike the other day--which by the way, was totally gorgeous and yet traumatic b/c my mom was not in shape at all and we were seriously concerned she wouldnt get out. but she did and my dad rescued us at the end of the trail in his red tacoma and it was all good--we saw these kids who were singing and being generally showy on the trail, and lauren was like "douchebags behind us" b/c one of them kept yelling something to the others in a fake french accent at which they all laughed. anyway, so we called them "the douchies" for the rest of the trip, thrilling my mother :) . um, the point is that we knew immediately that these people were either drama or band people/christians or mormons/or christian or mormon drama/band people. normal people do not sing loudly in unison and pretend to flap their wings on the trail when in full view of others. normal people show a mild amount of surprise when other people discover them singing on a trail, like the people perched above us on a rock who caught me and lauren singing "99 hundredths of a mile on the wall" ,a variation of the beer classic, and said "thats depressing. " we laughed embarrassedly and moved on. my father, for one, seemed to love the unconquerable spirit of the douchies, though he would assuredly never have been one of them in his school days..he was the type who seduced the girls and beat up people who made fun of the gay kid, but you know, that brute sort of man thing. he didnt walk trails loudly singing show tunes.

so, uh apparently owen was a little hellion on their second half of the flight causing corinne to burst into tears repeatedly on their flight. whoops. i feel sorry for mom's who have to deal with all the crap and then the extended relatives get the kids and are like "he's such a little angel." bwahahaha.

we had the most amazing mexican fusion food here in whitefish tonight at a place called pescado blanco--i know, groan, white fish in spanish. we never thought it could happen, good mexican food in montana, but it did, high scale and super yummy. i had enchiladas that had mushrooms and onions and cheese and butternut squash with roasted garlic sauce. it was incredible. their halibut fish tacos had a guacamole/orange salsa underneath that was also very stellar. then we went and saw a production of Camelot at the local theater. it was very good for being a musical theater type thing. since i generally feel indifferent about theater and particularly hate musicals, it was good that they had some very stellar actors and a good deal of humor to keep it from making me want to barf all over them. john lithgow has a house up here and did some sold out thing at their theater last night. i've ridden on a plane with him and his family from kalispell. he seems very cool. and i just watched footloose and he is terribly good in it.

i cant believe i forgot that darcy's name is fitzwilliam and it is only in bridget jones that he is mark darcy. same general feeling abounds about both, though so i suppose it's ok.


Anonymous Linda said...

Hahah, but of course! The English Dept are wearing either flowers or Hawaiian today. And we got to sing two Chinese songs... which most of us didn't know the words to. And I think Cindy sang them pretty loudly. It was fun.

10:45 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

I just wanted BJ diary the day you watched Pride and Prejudice... and I was thinking... that's funny I thought his name was Fitzwilliam in teh book and the A&E version is supposed to be super-faithful...

But I agree with you: Colin Firth is the ultimate Darcy. Be he Mark or Fitz.

5:56 PM  

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