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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

iceberg lake

We are safely ensconced in Montana life. We have been into Glacier National Park three times in two days, have eaten various huckleberry-infused foods: pancakes, syrup, ice cream, salad dressing, etc. Today we made a big plan to go on my very favorite hike in the whole world, a 9 mile round trip adventure to iceberg lake. it has bright blue glacial water, icebergs that calve into it at will and float around, beautiful meadows and waterfalls along the way. and for the second time in a row that I have tried to go on it, it has been closed because of bear activity! this happened when charity came up last time. they could go and feast near grinnell glacier, but oh no, they love my iceberg trail too much, it shows good taste, of course, but this is my SPOT... and the park rangers don't want them habituated to humans. apparently one reason they are crowding on my trail is that they have found a "natural food source" we don't know if that menas they are killing the crap out of a band of squirrels (or elk, or goats, etc) or if it just means huckleberries. anyway, fie on those bleeding heart animal lovers, i don't care if the bears learn to love cheez-its if it means i can go back to my mountain cirque! oh well. keep wildlife wild and all that. yeah, so we had prepared like a whole day of food and fun and like 5 gallons of water only to find out after driving for two hours to get there that it has been closed for 3 weeks. that dampened morale considerably. we went on some halfhearted hike in a field for 4 miles, but it just wasnt the same.

i have been disturbed to see that the iron cross has lost its scary tabooness and is being used in such places as: Glacier National Park tourist tee-shirts. hmmm. i'm sure it's just them being au currant and "cool" but it makes me shudder.

we have played games at least once a day and i have only lost once. i skunked my grandfather at cribbage! what have i become? i am afraid people will stop playing with me if i keep trouncing them so mightily. i might have to "get distracted" so they can think they are doing well. i legitimately lost in phase 10 tonight. still, i feel bad about winning so much. i like it better when everyone wins, and then we are all happy and we sing kumbaya.

they have a very serious anti-meth campaign going on here. which is good because, hey, people need to get off the meth. apparently it's this one businessman or something who has decided to run this whole anti-meth campaign. very savvy. i'd say montanans lacked a bit of sophistication, but they really don't. two local seniors won a national competition for "best prom outfits made entirely of duct tape". and they were actually pretty incredible.

anyway, montana is just beautiful. i can see so many stars at night that the sky looks blurry. my grandparents just got an offer on their house! oh, we hope it works out! pray for them!


Blogger Emily said...

Hi Julie! I spotted your blog off a comment on Rachel's blog. Heh heh. Anyway it's good to hear from you even if it's indirectly.

What are your plans now?

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

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