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Monday, August 21, 2006

monday again

after watching Return of the Sith the other night I am now in the throes of a star wars marathon, am about to watch The Empire Strikes Back. this is what i have been wanting to do ever since i saw episode three. it's very cool to get the references from the original trilogy about things that happened in episodes 1,2, and 3. and frankly, mark hamill isn't that much better an actor than hayden christensen or that kid who played young anakin, though in my memory hamill gets better as the trilogy progresses. still, i hope someone in the future who cares too much about this series, will go back and redo 1,2, and 3. much like batman begins is a huge improvement over the original batman series, someone must redeem this. charity had it right when she lamented that this was the best they could do with the creation of one of the greatest embodiments of evil in modern day lore. seriously, the chemistry and dialogue between hayden c and natalie portman is teen B movie cheesy. i cry for them, and i'm sure they are crying for themselves... in a big pile of money. in episode 3 natalie portman suddenly forgot she was a senator and became a teen mother in love? heinous.

my mother and i are starting weight watchers today. yesterday i told this information to one of my father's friends and he said "well, if you need any encouragement just give me a call." and i said "oh, are you on it too?" and he said "no." asshole. yeah, give me a call and i'll encourage you too, when you decide to get some Effing personality counseling. i'm sure he meant well somewhere deep in his moron man heart.

anyway, speaking fo this health plan, i have incorporated my recent purchase of Lush products into my motivation. i've decided that for every 10 hourlong workouts on my elliptical trainer, i may use one of my new Lush products. it's a nice way of assuaging my guilt over spending money on fun beauty products when i have no income.

by the way, coke rewards is definitely better than dr pepper rewards, despite my affinity for the latter.

today i realized that while my mother has no discernible accent, the way she says "oil" is directly related to the way my grandmother, raised in mississippi, says "point" which is like "poh-int" therefore my mother says "oh-ill" instead of oil.

i just watched my beth moore for the week. today's was particularly powerful. i just love that woman's theology. i'm loving the online Believing God series. at my own pace has meant i've been in teh series for like 18 months. but oh well, it's great that it is there when i get a fire under my butt.

oh speaking of my ass, my job search just got a nice kink thrown into it. well, no more ramblings from me, i'm off to apply apply apply.


Blogger Amy said...

Cool that you are still doing Believing God. :)
Good stuff. :)
Love you!

8:34 AM  

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