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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

interview one

Officially done with publishing interview number one. Hopefully will be called back in a few weeks for interview number 2 with the direct manager. I believe this is the tenth time I have answered the question: Tell me about a time when you felt you provided truly excellent customer service. Am now trying to figure out how to tighten up my example and give it some panache. I also had to take a typing, word, and excel test, which is mind numbing. it's cool because the company is great and i will be grateful to get a job there. but still. i felt like i was at a temp agency taking those tests. way for me to rock the advanced excel applications though. good to know my word knowledge is good as ever and i type 62 wpm. is that good? i have no idea. all i know is i get flack because i don't use standard hand position. i just hunt and peck very quickly. i have my own methods.

I love San Diego's downtown. The building I just interviewed in is huge and lovely with the name of the company in classic lettering as if you are working for the pinnacle of old world elegant publishing. it was adorable. managed to score what i believe was a direct hit when i said that i was going to graduate school for international relations and wanted to merge publishing and international relations. this is an emerging field I am told. especially in asia. the HR woman also told me they are learning new things about different ethical standards in publishing. Of course she was talking about China because they have no beef whatsoever with copyright violation--the world is aone large chinese community, right? everything belongs to everyone, right? why shouldn't i be able to publish your thoughts as my own, since they are part of the proletariat subconscious anyway. heh. they also, of course, have different ethical standards when it comes to vivisection, torture, censorship, and so much more!

i'm drinking a mocha out of the civil rights museum mug I bought in Memphis. My mug is morally superior to almost all other mugs in existence. Certainly to all the ones being sold in starbucks. Moral superiority definitely being undermined, however, by drinkiing at said corporate establishment, and also by the fact that I was about to buy a sandwich for this emaciated homeless woman outside but when i saw that a half a tuna sandwich was 5.50 i was like "hell no." hopefully i will find something less costly or at least a whole sandwich for 5.50 to try and help her out. poor thing is mumbling to herself. what do you think? is she a product of funding cuts for state mental institutions? My guess is either yes, or meth addiction.


Anonymous Yay! said...

Congrats on your interview!! I'm sure you will be called back for interview number 2 - there's no way those in charge could pass up the opportunity to witness day to day the brilliance of the Julie. I know what you mean about the typing/excel test and how it makes you feel. I remember. But I also remember "interviewing" at my last company and the position being so entry level I was given weird looks when I showed up dressed up with resume in hand. All they wanted to see was my driver's license and that I wasn't a felon. That's called low expectations.
Good luck in your second interview!

6:08 PM  
Blogger Jenn Chen said...

Congrats on your interview! We miss you so so much =) I'm heading out to California this Sunday!
As for your typing, that's pretty good...I type at about 65 wpm. TAS used to test all students in middle school...I think if you got below 55 you had to take a class. Plus we had to use the standard typing positions...there was an assistant who went around whacking people who didn't. =(

12:03 AM  

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