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Friday, September 01, 2006

back in business

Just when I thought I was immune to myself, tonight I went and pulled a classic julie. after a lovely dinner with my aunt and her new husband, I went to Barnes and Noble, bought a super cheap version of the Communist Manifesto, which I have to read for class, and settled down in Starbucks to do said reading. Dum dee dum, it gets to be 11 o clock, suddenly i'm re-reading sentences five times and i think "it's time to go." well, it sure would be...if i had my keys. but my keys are in Barnes and Noble, probably at the info desk or in the bathroom. B&N closes at 10pm. one hour earlier than I looked for my car keys. so i had to call my mother and have her pick me up. i am 27 years old calling my mommy to come pick me up. i also had to track down a toothless lady from mall security to beg her not to tow my car away. i didnt have to track down a toothless lady, per se, but the lady i tracked down happened to have some very meth-like tooth problems involving wide open spaces b/w her teeth. anyway, despite the late night and urgency, toothless security lady still had time to diss my car. when i said "it's a maroon daewoo" she said "what the hell kind of car is that?" i was like "yeah, it's a little korean car, very small, little car...korean, maroon" her: "roving unit 1 I have a lady who locked her keys in barnes and noble, she drives a, say that again" me:" yeah, uh, DAEWOOOO, daayyyywoooo... i'm going to kill myself" what makes this even better is that i need to get my brakes checked out and i told the guy i would come in tomorrow at 8. but B&N...doesnt open until 9. the irony is killing me. when would i ever promise to take my car somewhere at 8am? dumb friggin luck, eh?


Anonymous amy said...

I'm sorry. :( what is it with cars lately? Everyone I know (ok, you, me, and my parents) is having issues with theirs.

12:37 PM  

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