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Thursday, September 21, 2006

gainful employment

where oh where has the julie gone? oh where oh where can she be? ...

my remissness in blogging can be explained by one very happy factor: employment! oui.

Let me weave the tale. picture it: one week ago. I am sitting waiting for a certain religious school district, whch shall remain unnamed, to get back to me with the news that I had been chosen as their communications director (I don't know what that Indian lady was smoking, I do NOT have an American accent, I speak ear-splittingly perfect Hindi) and anyway, I said to God, "God, I really want to hear definitive news about a job by the end of the day." and by the end of said religious school district's day I had heard nothing and was feeling the emotional anxiety of being useless and unwanted. (shut up, the melodrama adds to the story) so then, at 5:38 the phone rings *gasp* hope wells up in the heart! and a woman asks for Julie, Inc. and she asks if i have already found full time work, and i say no. and she asks if i will come in tomorrow and interview. and i say yes. and i come in and interview at 10am and by 1130am i walked out with a job, which i felt was an answer to my hastily desperate plea of a prayer. i feel like i have been sucked in by a whirlwind. I suddenly had a fulltime job and no time to do my homework besides my already full weekend. I came in on monday and have been absolutely swamped ever since. and i love it. the company is downtown in a section called little italy. san diego's downtown is one of the most lovely downtown areas in the world, and little italy is a charming part of said area. i am only 3 blocks from the harbour and when i look down the street i can see the ocean and many sailing vessels, one of which is a permanently docked ship called the Star of India and looks like it could be a model of the nina, pinta, or santa maria. it's lovely sails are unfurled and waving at me whenever i get out of my office--which is a conference room, actually. this place has so much work that they have hired a bunch of newbies and have no more office space. this place is staffed mostly through the good kind of nepotism and includes a whole taiwanese family. very adorable. we have bonded over jay chou. one of the sisters had a poster--she's my age and loves to ride motorcycles at the speedway and she has a kid and her husband works here too!

so, why is this job fabulous? first: flexible hours--that's right: i am never late. i'm contracting as a copyeditor for them so i am technically self employed--i am the sole proprietor of Julie, Inc. No joke. i do try to be in by 9:30, though. second, they have an awesome coffee machine, a fully stocked fridge of soda located conveniently in my "office", bagels on monday, and lunch on friday. third, the people are mostly very nice and my direct superiors are incredibly affirming and encouraging of my work and that makes me want to keep doing well every day. fourth, my boss is concerned that i havent filled out my paperwork and won't get paid asap and was deeply concerned that i had no health insurance. i'm not going to lie: i'm feeling the love for the secular workplace--or at least this particular secular workplace. the structure makes me more efficient every day. i've been exercising in the morning and eating breakfast at home. i'm completely overwhelmed and have no time to do anything besides school and professional work, but i'm pretty happy so far. apparently, if they have enough work they may bring me on as an employee (read: benefits). at this point i sure hope so!

anyway, that is where i have been, and may be. now that i am in front aof a computer every day i might be able to sneak in more blogging. for three days i had my head down in paper documents. i have emerged.

i never realized i was so type A. i really need to feel useful. i have ambition, or at least a fear of slackerdom. weird.


Blogger Rachel said...

Fabulous! I'm so glad you got a job! You're are one busy girl, though. I remember the days of working full-time and going to graduate school at night. (And I was only taking one class a semester!) Ugh. It wore me out! But you're a full-time student, right? You go, girl!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Julie!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am SOO happy for you! You do sound superbusy--I couldn't do school plus a full-time job, but there's something wrong with me. Laughing that you are Type A. ;)

12:36 PM  
Anonymous emily said...

Yay! So happy you've emerged from the documents... was getting worried you'd never return to the blogosphere. Congrats on your job, it sounds great. But er.. secular workplace is not typically great. You must have found a very special place.

3:16 PM  

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