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Thursday, September 14, 2006

not much

I once saw a Gilmore Girls episode where Emily Gilmore responds to some question about television by saying "Unlike the rest of the nation, I'm not obsessed with forensic science." I cannot say the same. Since being home I have been breaking up my study sessions with various incarnations of CSIs and Law and Order. I don't even care about forensic science and yet I cannot stop myself. CSI: Miami is going to Brazil for their opener.

Anyway, my lack of bloggage can be blamed on adding a class and the final steps of transferring to the Political Science department. When my PS 601 professor heard that I had transferred from Asian studies he said "I didn't even know we had an Asian Studies department here" which is excactly what my Wellesley prof said. and then my 601 prof said "It's a good thing you got out of there." great.

as for other advice this week: when i was getting my car aligned, the mechanic said "drive that thing until it dies and then buy a Honda."apparently, according to him, every daewoo owner in the US is totally screwed.

I feel very boring. I have little news of interest to anyone but myself. I could tell you about the online class that only me and one other person participated in for 90 minutes. or how i'm excited to be in the states for football season and totally bummed that the class i had to add is on Monday night, imparing my Monday Night Football watching, so i didnt get to see my charger's crush the LA Raiders in such a humiliating manner that I actually felt bad for the Raider nation. At least they have the best theme song in football. I had a job interview--it went well and by now I know that means nothing. Everyone says "wow, your resume is amazing" which means that the element of suck in the equation is me, myself. :( I really want it--it's for a communications director for a christian school district. *sigh* see my crushed spirit. oh, but I did sell my first thing on ebay. um, by the way, when someone at the post office asks you "what's in that package?" the wrong answer is "perfume." the right answer is driving to the UPS store and saying "a gift." apparently all things containing alcohol cannot be sent through mail. if you tell them.


Blogger Naomi said...

Thank you for quoting GG. I haven't seen an episode in positively WEEKS!

1:47 AM  
Anonymous mrs m said...

never knew that about perfume! hmm.
you are totally not boring btw.
lol about switching departments ... i know what that's like. though my responses weren't quite as funny. ;)

1:52 PM  

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