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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Well, kids, it's time to gear up for grumbling with my disgruntled, muttering officemate! bzzabzzabzz"that's not right bzzabzz..hr,ph...bzzabazzzwhatthe hell...bzaabzzzi hate pcs...bzzabzzhrmph

my passive revenge took place yesterday when my lunch didnt settle with my stomach and i spent the afternoon silently passing gas. the silent fart is really an art. can you make your chair squeak just when you need to? can a potentially humiliating fart be let out bit by bit, and entirely silently? can you then feign ignorance when your coworkers say "hmm, what's that smell?"

walked over to meet charity for lunch today. have decided to structure the rest of my life this month around the entertainment book my mom gave me with various 2 for 1 coupons. have allowed other coworkers to plunder said book. charity does not know it yet, but we will be going out for ethiopian food soon.

something i havent told you guys about is how there is a car that is always parked near my work that has a license plate that read ELSHDDI. Now, any amy grant fan will tell you that stand for EL SHaddai, a name for our Lord. When I first read it i thought "el shitty?" and then i realized my blasphemous ways. except that, can we be honest, that car exemplifies el shitty way more than el shaddai. just putting it out there.

260 web pages with IRs information later, i have to go!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, i've been working on that art form myself. most satisfying when a passive-aggressive form of revenge is needed.

charity's cool.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous emily said...

To kind of tie up the coffee creamer post with the amy grantesque license plate... Did you know in Hebrew El Shaddai means God with an udder?

5:56 PM  

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