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Monday, October 02, 2006

i mutter to myself b/c i aint got no one to mutter to

back at work. i am knee deep in a perilously unformatted and inconsistent document that is making me see cross-eyed.

yesterday i had a warm, fuzzy church experience. Kim was preaching fabulously from the pulpit with her usual theological thoroughness and as i looked around i counted numerous old couples cuddling in the audience. you know, i think marriage is risky, but if i meet someone with whom it is possible to still be in love when i am 75, then that's pretty spectacularly worth the risk. i've decided that fletcher hills pres needs to change its name to "the church of really old peope who are still in love." one couple in at least their sixties always has their arms around each other--standing and singing, sitting and cuddling, all lovey all the time. more fuzzy church happiness: they call their little bulletin update The Micro Chimes and they also have something called Chapel Chimes.

i have a new office mate. she's a mutterer. so the ipod is getting significantly more use. and we are on the same table, so every time i reposition myself i end up jostling her monitors. monitors plural b/c almost everyone here is set up with dual video cards. it's totally sweet for comparison.
I believe the mutterer next to me may be cursing in another language. it reminds me of when i sat opposite of this guy who totally had tourret's syndrome and he would say the f word every time he made any kind of mistakes. like "F, i just had to retype this word, F I hit the spacebar twice, F the deli doesn't have mustard..." it was mildly hysterical because it was used so inappropriately, like i wonder what he would have said if anything truly terrible had ever happened.

went for a walk on my break. i found the USS Midway and a lot of homeless people. also found the very cool urban tree project one of which is called calderberry tree and is a tree with leaves made of mobiles ala alexander calder. very cool.

am ashamed that in addition to the lost prophets song Roofgtops and the Muse song Starlight i am also indulging in a super cheesy song by the googoo dolls called Better Days. as beth might say, it's squishy. but i loooove it.

i'm disenchanted with my commie prof. i just glanced over at my purse and saw a certain female item that had accidentally come unwrapped and i thought that when i'm in class tomorrow "if that a-hole says one more incomprehensible thing i'm going to throw that at him!"


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Then write and tell us all about it! :D

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