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Sunday, October 29, 2006

i was walking with a ghost

Creature from the black lagoon was on TV today and my father just started laughing he said “I used to watch this all the time on Friday freak night.” Adorable. the actual creature in said movie, by the way, is hysterical. He’s this weird guy w/ webbed feet who looks like a burn victim. Halloween weekend is full of classic scary movies, day the world stood still, Dracula, the mummy—the boris karloff version, etc. A great quote from the day the earth stood still has patricia neal start out her snappy dialogue with a very concerned, “Gort? what could gort do? He’s a robot.” “yes, he’s a robot, so he could do anything he wants… gort could destroy the world. now if I don’t make it you need to go to gort and say these words “klatu barata nicto.” here's a trivia contest for you: you get three points if you can guess where else that phrase has come into play. And who the main actor was in said movie.

Speaking of Halloween, the other day there was an ad for the show Medium and there was an awesome song paired with it that goes “I was walking with a ghost…”. well, I found out it was by tegan and sara and lo and behold one of my almighty media hookups, jon nishikawa, had given it to me over a year ago. I love it when stuff like that happens. Now if only I could get the club song from 25th hour….why have I spent hours of my life trying to find it, I should just get the movie.

my row vs wade halloween costume was well-received by the people attending tonight's halloween party. they gave me an unofficial award for most brilliant costume. it was lauren's idea, of course. but i maaaay have failed to mention that.


Blogger Chris said...

Army of Darkness: Ash-sporting goods(Bruce Campbell)

Hail to the king baby

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea what klata barata nicto means... nor what other movie uses the line. But I have a food quiz up if you're so inclined. ;-)

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to know more about this Row v. Wade costume, Jules.--Shannon

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

Curses!! Chris beat me to it! Should I hate him?

12:21 AM  

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