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Friday, October 13, 2006

friday the 13th

so who is not in love with the amish right now? i hope the answer is nobody. their incredibly Christlike response to the freakish shooting of their little girls is just awe-inspiring. i was reading about what they will do with donations that have come in to them, and it's like "we'll use them to make our houses handicap accessible and with loongterm health care, but we'll also give some to the killer's family and then anything over and above our needs we'll give to hospital charities or something." oh my gosh. those people are sexy. really, doesnt it just make you want to kiss someone hearing that kind of goodness being practiced out there?

it's friday the 13th. rained on my way to work. i got in later than i wanted to. i ignored my alarm and had an amazingly vivid dream where i was back in costa rica watching the dolphins jump out of the water (which happens) and not being able to make it to work on time b/c i was in costa rica and wondering how to phrase it to my boss. one of our visionary leaders here has offered to take me and the mutterer out to a local restaurant for lunch in a few weeks at some place where you can make a lunch out of like 6 different kinds of salad. i'd say it's been a bit of a weird day.

Just for your general knowledge: the song Pepper by the Butthole surfers, while humorously well-written--some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain that is flowing like an avalanche coming down a mountain-- and good for certain moods, is not really an excellent motivating song for such tasks as lightning fast link checking. That requires chemical brothers, paul oakenfold, the Saint soundtrack. i am listening first to some casting crowns as i give my eyes a little rest from straining to find imperfections in irs docs. by the way, lamont, your musical additions to my collection have been invaluable! thank you so much!

my dear aim, project runway is on bravo every wednesday night at 10pm, but next week is the FINALE where they will reveal the winner! and, if i am not mistaken, in the hours leading up to the project runway finale they will show every previous episode, starting Wednesday AM. Even if you only catch a few you can get the feel of the competitions and the contestants.

by the way, the relaxation prayer exercises involve closing your eyes and envisioning a horizon--either a hill framed against the sky or where the ocean meets the sky and regulating breathing--pretty standard stuff. it helps rest your eyes and helps you focus. you don't have to use it for prayer, you can use it at any time that you need to relax, it just feels like the beginning of prayer to me, so i call it that.

um, onward and downward. so i told you about my resistance toward my muttering coworker the other day...yesterday was the culminating effort. so we had to stay really late to get this project out on time. what i do requires her to do her thing first, so we were here together. it's all good b/c the mutterer and i have a good working relationship. but apparently i had some subconscious leftover hostility. as i was leaving the copy room i farted, and then she came down the hall behind me from the bathroom and she says "eeww, is that the cleaning lady's detergent? it smells terrible." i almost died...from pride of course.

i put on too much perfume this morning and i am sort of choking myself. my new perfume motto: less is more when running out the door!


Anonymous Aim said...

Wow, your resistance story is the funniest thing EVER. You can fart detergent? Girl, I am in awe. What an invaluable weapon!

And yeah, the Amish are amazing. Tom and his peeps are from Lancaster County, so I've been there and bought things from the Amish there. I've always been fascinated by Amish and Mennonites, actually (there are some in IN, too.) That crime bothered me more than any I've heard about in a long time (just ask Mel ...) but their response has been amazing, yes. My prof actually psychoanalyzed the killer in Sexuality Counseling class yesterday. Very interesting. I think this is the longest blog comment I've ever written.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous me again said...

Oh and I'm totally going to have to try the relaxation prayer exercise now. =)

And sadly, we don't have cable. We have exactly 2 1/2 channels; that's all we can get even with a super new antenna. (Disgruntled Cable Guy's comrades were here yesterday digging trenches in the ground, but alas, that is "only" for Internet in our case, not TV. We are doomed to a life restricted to ABC, NBC, the weird local channel (full of men hunting in overalls) sometimes CBS, and movies. I need to make friends with someone who has cable ...

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, Amish are awesome.

On another note, I've got a new food quiz up, if you're interested. My mom already guessed the answer but she doesn't know how to leave comments, so it's still up for grabs.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Beth said...

Do you really agree with the Amish that it was better for their girls to be shot execution-style and die before their tenth birthdays than for them to have potentially been molested by the attacker, but survive?

6:46 AM  

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