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Monday, November 13, 2006

me and the southern baptists

Who knew I would agree with a quote from a southern Baptist? But here it is: evidence that Richard Land and I had the same thoughts: Evangelical Christians are "fed up with the Republican leadership, particularly in the House," said the Rev. Richard Land, head of the public policy arm of the 16 million-member Southern Baptist Convention. "They're disgusted that Republicans came to Washington and failed to behave any better than Democrats once they got their snouts in the trough."
I always kid my mom and dad because their church changed its allegiance from Baptist to southern Baptist—although they were pretty much SoBs to begin with, policy-wise, only regular Bs in name—and I tell them that I’m impressed with how they are helping redeem the denomination from its civil-rights era racist history by having a Spanish speaking service in the afternoons. Ole.
Foxy Fernando who sits in the office to my left and with whom I have air conditioning wars (mine controls his!) is married. I guess this means that my dreams of a torrid romance with said Spaniard are over. And to think, my mind went from zero to us living in bliss with bilingual kids in like 5 minutes.
There is this one intersection near work that, whenever I walk through it, I am always 2 seconds from being flattened by oncoming traffic. Do I not see the light? The flashing hand? I don’t get it. I’m definitely spacey and lost in thought when I walk around—but I get through every other intersection just fine. This one is a vortex of near-death. Today I went through the whole morning thinking I was having sushi with my classmates after class only to realize that it’s tomorrow and we wouldn’t be going out for sushi at 945 pm. Hmmm.
I have some nice mellow music on my ipod, I listened to a song by Jimi Hendrix today that is “have you ever been to electric ladyland” and electric ladyland was what we called our radio station, WZLY, at Wellesley. So it’s nice to finally know that lovely reference. I also have a group called Hayden on my ipod and I have no idea why. But I like them, very chill.


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