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Sunday, November 19, 2006

007 returns!

well, i officially saw james bond and it was officially fabulous. our local loco news people were like "it was way below expectation." no way. way above expectation, more like. the last james bond was so ludicrous that i almost swore them all off for good. face transplants and melting the world. snore. it wouldve been better as a reimagined gay sci fi thriller. but, back to the present. this was more like what batman begins was to the batman series. i bet if pierce brosnan had known they were going to reinvent bond like this, he wouldve stayed in. paul haggis helped them write a damn good screenplay, there was no cringeworthy denise richards or halle berry character, and it was funny and yet, somewhat grounded in reality--speaking of which, i bet montenegro is about to get a nice tourism boost. the first chase scene blew my mind. it was awesome. and i pity men who have to watch this movie and see what they probably won't ever be in daniel craig. of course, i am forced to see completely unrealistic portrayals of women all the time. but i didnt exactly want to lower the playing field so that both the sexes were mired in inadequacy.

anyway, fabulous find of the week would have to be the chocolate shop near my work, called Chi Chocolate. they are online, fyi. they sport an intensely wonderful spicy hot chocolate--as good as chuao i would say. i also tried their port-soaked figs dipped in dark chocolate--and then bought 5 of them for anyone i thought i would run into the rest of the day-- and i ate a surreal yet delicious burnt caramel and lavender dark chocolate ganache. definitely reminds me of chocolat. if only johnny depp would show up at my door in all his gypsy glory. still, i want to bring everyone there--Lisa and Jane!! it has a nice ambience, mosaic tables and chairs--sort of romantic mediterranean and i think the owner may have short term memory loss. in any case he did full introductions twice within about ten minutes, handshakes and all. and frankly, my motto is much like the USA network: characters welcome. i fully welcome anyone who goes quality of life and buys a chocolate shop with their wife even if they cant remember they introduced themselves to me 5 minutes ago.

the chargers have been brimming with entertainment these past few weeks. tonight's game even had my mom on the edge of her seat. they keep coming back from large point deficits. tonight it was 17 points. last week it was 21. anyway, i do feel sorry for crowds who get all excited about their home team kicking the crap out of us, only to see us come back and embarass them in the second half. then again, as a charger fan, leaving the home stadium despondent was no foreign feeling. disappointment can breed character, no? as vincent jackson said "we don't want to make a habit of it, but yeah it's good." good indeed. even our sportscasters are giddy as schoolboys watching this team come together. ladainian tomlinson just broke a record that was jointly held by jim brown and emmitt smith (yes, he of dancing with the stars fame). he's amazing. ladainian, i mean. i wonder if he wants to marry me, though i do hate suggesting taking a fine upstanding black man off the market when i have so many splendid black female friends who lament their lack of choices. but i mean, you know, if it was destiny, i'm sure they wouldnt begrudge me...anyway, tonight my father kept eerily saying the exact same things john madden would say on tv, only a minute beforehand (john madden is verbose...my mother suggested that he gets paid by the word, like charles dickens did)

i suppose that's all the news that's fit for print at this venture. i'm still completely blitzed with school and work, and i've been delayed further by the realization that one of my profs is as rude as acid rain, thereby making me lose all motivation to do work for his class. he totally chastised and demeaned a fellow classmate in public. how do you guys reconcile yourselves with crappy authority figures? if you have any good advice let me know. it appears that when i don't trust my superiors, i become very dysfunctional. whereas when i adore and trust my authority figures, i work my ass off. i'm sure it's not entirely bizarre, but i need to be able to react in a less extreme way. tips?

oh, today after church i went to breakfast with a few friends among whom was very sweet girl, sadly a lunatic--only a crazy would move from san diego to alaska in january--and she said that you actually do get paid to live in alaska. and the male to female ratio is even larger than the joint services. well, we all know where i will be if ever get really desperate. getting paid to pick up socially awkward dudes who work at fish farms.


Anonymous the mysterious mrs. m. said...

Thanks for the 007 review. I've been tempted to go. And I totally want to visit the chocolate shop with you when I go to SD! :)

10:23 AM  
Anonymous M. Grey said...

That's what I'm talkin' bout. I'd love some of that chocolate.....maybe we can go sometime this weekend! I'll try desperately to restrain myself from filling up on pie!

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

burnt caramel lavendar dark chocolate sounds like a dream...

12:47 PM  

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