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Friday, December 01, 2006

December 1st!

so apparently looking at people's faces for an hour in the morning can help you have a great day, and staying up too late at night can make you have a crappy depressed day the next day. as a night person, this is not the kind of scientific discovery i like. apparently our bodies were designed to wake up super early and adore the faces around us before we go to work or whatnot. and when the sun sets, no more faces, time for sleep. i realized this most accutely when i was in the Indian village of Mainajuli sans electricity. the natural way of things. Everyone had to be home by the time the sun went down. we could use flashlights, but not for very long. so we would sleep at like 930. see, i always feel better when i get good sleep and get up early...but i have the most interesting thoughts at night. i kind of wonder, if i get up and am up with everyone else the whole day, will i become less creative? also, my inability to tear myself away from people and not give them all my attention means that the more daylight awake hours, less time for processing life.

ohhh, indeed a good case can be made for the potential horror that is van wilder: the Rise of Taj. But at least it has a mildly amusing name. Not that i would go see it unless someone paid me at least 200 dollars. i was supposed to go see the Nativity Story last night, and then my nephew got sick and my sister bailed and i couldnt find anyone else to see it on such short notice. my local friends seem to have sprouted babies. so i ended up chilling at corinne's house with sick baby in tow, and watching the office. and last night's was a classically great one. one in which they find out one of the new staff had been in prison before, and when he describes prison life to all his coworkers they all think it sounds better than working at dunder mifflin. the guy had been in for insider trading and one of the guys says "i had him explain what he went to prison for 3 times because...it sounds exactly like the work i do here every day." hysterical. that show kills me.

ipod thoughts: Fatboy Slim has a joy about his music that not many dance/electronica DJs offer.
Whoever has the next wedding, we need to use the song Somebody by Depeche Mode, i'm not a huge depeche mode fan--you know, i'm not russian--but that song is just lovely.

i am kicking some serious work ass today. hear my barbaric yawp!


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