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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to Owen

My nephew Owen is two years old today. We are having this little dinner party in which we will shower him with gifts emblazoned with his favorite cartoon friends, the Backyardigans, which he prounounces "ah-gah-ih-iga". However much he will enjoy this night, it will be nothing compared to the rest of us. I, personally, am afraid I might explode from witnessing so much cuteness. Lauren got him a Linus blanket. I have to prepare myself. Be calm, Julie. Since his favorite food is the strawberry, great grandma is making a strawberry cake. seriously, the kid has eaten a pound of strawberries in one sitting. he kills me. Lauren made him a Nemo shirt that says "Owen horizontally with two vertical through the w in his name." he loves nemo. i am already too excited about this.

In other news, Corinne and I think we should start our own news service. We were discussing the sad case of the family that got trapped in the snow in oregon and the dad who died trying to go get them help. It's very sad. Tragic. But the news is like "warning! warning! here's what to do to survive in your car, everyone, have this much gas, and a survival kit, and la la la." i'm sorry. but sometimes shit just happens. and it's sad, but it doesnt bespeak a trend. it makes everyone start to fear extremely unlikely things. the fact that we now have the power to broadcast it to the world minute-by-excruciating-minute doesn't mean it has become more frequent. corinne and i would have a news service that would say "this is a very sad thing that happened, but it's actually in line with the number of people who get stuck in the snow each year and die, and it's good to be prepared, but don't freak out. no, people in san diego do not need to carry snow survival kits."

so you guys, i'm selling those lingerie and shoe bags we got in Vietnam on ebay. If you know anyone who might want them, please make them check it out. i have tons of them to sell. lots of different patterns. am thinking of donating the proceeds to something..like freeing child sex slaves or something or to that bhutanese guy who is starting teh Bible school. unless no one wants them and it would be too much effort. in which case, guess what you are all getting for the next five birthdays, christmases, weddings, etc...


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