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Friday, December 01, 2006

dec 1 night update

i'm in a cute coffee shop near my work. when you are outside you can hear people outside the Mexican consulate protesting human rights violations in oaxaca, mexico. inside you can hear this real estate loan officer with the geekiest laugh in world history. it's the loud, deep inhale laugh. it's killing me. she's this very nice looking put-together woman in a sweater set. and then that laugh.

my bulgarian coworker told me that americans are more naive than any other group of people on earth. and she loves that about americans. people in other parts of the world, for instance, would never ever just go and help people they don't even know--this was upon me announcing my ultimate grand plan of working with a development group. she's like, "americans are generous and helpful and they believe other people are like them. and they are wrong. no one else is like that." i was like, "uhhh, we arent all like that" and she looked at me and said "duh, yeah, i know, but some of you *are*." i feel that if i brought up doctors without borders-- french!, she would be like "that's one." she was quite insistent. she says i cant see these things about my own culture because i am not separate from it. indeed.

a tall couple just came in looking like they are on their first date. two men came in and ordered triple espresso. i believe their night is just beginning.

i'm sorry, but those pants that hit people mid calf make women look like dorky pirates. gauchos? is that what they are? like gaucho marx--the kind of silent comedic pirates. they are unflattering on all. they are basically the modern version of the kulats(i have no idea how to spell this) my grandmother was so fond of wearing...and when people insist on wearing boots with them...that is the height of pirate fashion crime. i don't care how beautiful you are, you look like you should be wearing an eye patch and offering the daily specials at long john silver's. j-lo looked like a pirate when she started the trend, and now thousands of women have fallen into the trap. it's terribly sad. physically sad. ahoy matey. ahoy.


Anonymous She with the skinny calves said...

LOL. Agreed on the gauchos issue!
(But then, anything that wouldn't look good on ME does not the height of fashion make.)

1:21 PM  

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