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Thursday, January 25, 2007

They say it's my birthday!

Well, as Lisa so kindly and effusively said, it is indeed my birthday! Yay! I am 28! Finally. It's so weird, for the last few months I've been saying I'm 28 when really I've been 27. I don't know why, I just felt like rounding up was the thing to do. So, any advice for me in this 28th year?

for now, i will let my ipod speak to me as I work:
"If I could do just one near perfect thing I'd be happy, they'd write it on my grave or when they scattered my ashes, on second thought i'd rather hang around and get down with my best friend if she wants me"--Belle and Sebastian lyrics come in handy for expressing a birthday sentiment by me.
Speaking musically, as I told Lisa yesterday, I cannot get Read My Mind by the Killers out of my own mind. It just makes me feel like a dizzy happy sunny day and makes me dance and I have been playing it multiple times a day for the last week. "i pull up to your driveway with magic soaking my spine", "the stars are blazing like rebel diamondss cut out of the sun. can you read my mind?"--good stuff.
"It's times like these you learn to live again, it's times like these you give and give again, it's times like these you learn to love again, it's times like these, time and time again"--foo fighters

So one of our IDs decided to get cute and named one of the sample characters in one of our lessons "Joseph Heller." hysterical. usually people find those things and get rid of them, but this one slipped by, to the undoubtedly monumental happiness of some desperately bored ID. it's the little things.


Anonymous Lisa said...

Yay!! I'm so honored to see my name in your blog AND to find out I have addicted you to two of my favorite songs!! Of course this only motivates me to feed you more.....look out!

Glad you had such a good birthday, but it's not over yet....

12:23 PM  
Blogger Lamont said...

Dang YOUR OLD!!!!!!!! :P

9:33 PM  

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