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Monday, December 18, 2006

the nutcracker, stupid

awesome email of the day to start off my week right: my professor writes me and announces that i have totally misinterpreted my final paper assignment--whose instructions were obvious both from class and the syllabus, he rather snarkily felt compelled to say...since just the fact that it's the week before christmas and i have to spend the next two nights writing papers wasn't quite shitty enough--and that i need to write a new paper by, oh, like wednesday. and to think, all i wanted for christmas was to be called stupid and i never thought anyone would get it for me...thank you so much dr. adams. anger, the gift that keeps on giving.

in better news, the ladies of the fam and i went to see the nutcracker yesterday. overall it was lovely, and very fun to be back in san diego watching my home ballet company. family tradition preserved. we went to a lovely restaurant called the westgate that had the best pear and gorgonzola salad i've ever had. it was called, cleverly, "the westgate salad" and when i ordered it, i said "i'd like the watergate salad." upon realizing my mistake i said "and i'd like a deposed president with that" which my family found humorous and..i think the waiter did too...hmmm.

nutcracker observations:
1. shouldn't fritz have been told that age old adage, the one that says something like "don't ever get involved with a girl who is obsessed with a NUTcracker..." i can't remember the exact wording, but it seems obvious to me...though as adams pointed out, not many things are.

2. sweet multicultural san diego: there was a black ballerino in the russian section...too bad in actual russia he would have been beaten to death by a bunch of skinheads before he could even get his pants on and done his first toetouch. that's what we've been talking about for the last 6 weeks in post-commie class: how effed up are the russians? let us count the ways...for starters, the young are more racist than the old...and in my research a full half of the survey repondents said all legal and illegal migrants should be deported back to where they came from. ahhh, someday we'll have mandatory sterilization for our racists.

3. speaking of racism, don't we really need to update the chinese section, kids? having a bunch of people with bowl haircut wigs shaking their heads side to side like "con-fyucius say..." as they dance around retardedly, only enforcing rosie o'donnell's stereotypes...couldnt we revamp that? and the sad thing is that two asian ballerinas were in that segment. someone needs to slap them upside the head, especially the chinese girl..the korean girl..well, she could just be doing it to throw some smack on the chinese people...of course there snt a KOREAN section in the nutcracker, so maybe she should just go into a corner and feel some shame about that. i mean, of course, chinese people are far more racist than americans--God knows, they probably think it's hysterical--maybe they think it throws smack on low class, uneducated tea servers...anyway, this christmas i think we should all stop throwing smack. and make the chinese section less painfully anachronistically stereotypical.

overall hong kong is still the best nutcracker, if you can get to it. well, merry christmas friends. i'm going to try and forget today ever happened and concentrate on tomorrow.


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