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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

are you an astronaut going to scarborough faire?

pictures are on hold for yet another day or so, but worry not, i yearn introduce you to my fabulous peeps.

okay, so charity has introduced me to slate's feature "blogging the bible". i love it. and he's using the nrsv, which is the shiznit of translations, in my opinion. for a refreshing look at the book of ezekiel, go to http://www.slate.com/id/2159016/?nav=fix . look for the awesome biblical hip-hop innovation in the first few chapters. it's totally stellar. i'm eager to see what his take is on the rest of the chapters, esp in ch 22/23, in which we see israel's nasty version of ridin' dirty.

may i also say that the fact that my hair is soft, shiny, and fabulous today doesnt really seem to be ameliorating the sense of yukkiness i feel from this bizarre returning illness i am suffering from. it's not bad enough to go back to the doctor, but every night my throat feels like it's constricting and my ears feel weird. like, inside my ears, not outside. in any case, the work i am doing right now is super tedious so,, as john-mark said "you can either sit and feel mildly crappy at home or you could come to work and sit and do mind numbing work and feel mildly crappy and get paid for it" the latter being the superior option, that goes without saying.

my mother and i have recently been totally disappointed by the shenangians at deal or no deal which see people get very excited about life changing amounts of money only to go home with like 200 bucks, just enough to buy the fam a meal at Friendly's (that is julia's illustration by the way for the amount of royalties her dad makes every year from having published some astrophysics book). so we have taken to watching a PBS show called rosemary and thyme in which two landscape designers quirkily solve local msyteries while they garden.

may i also say that it is just shameful and dreadful how we use our technological capabilities to pry into the private lives of others and..that being said, if we are going to be faced with it and indulge in it anyway, isnt this astronaut thing your favorite scandal ever? oh my gosh. diguises, love, diapers, astronauts. it's phenomenal. i was hoping that this shipman lady was also an astronaut, but i don't think so. Cuh-Ray-Zee!! and they just replayed the Monk episode where the astronaut kills some lady b/c he is running for office and she is going to expose him as an abuser. prescient, really whatwith it's unveling of evil astronauts. the gavin newsome thing is just sad in comparison. i mean, it is sad. affairs are sad. don't have affairs. affairs bad.


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