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Friday, January 26, 2007

28th Success!

Navigation through the day commemorating the 28th year of my birth was smooth and clear. I would like to announce that the weather has been about 68 and sunny--some gorgeous days for my triumphant return. some highlights:

1. During a break in my seminar, International Political Economy, I was in line for the bathroom and the chatty little girl in front of me asked me if i was in History 406 with her. Just so you know, that's an *undergraduate* course. She thought I was an undergrad. I was like "nope, but bless you, my dear. bless you."

2. my seminar looks to be an excellent class. it seems, dare i hope?, well organized and as if i may actually learn something useful. My professor is this super lively Indian woman with a great perspective of the world and what we are studying. fingers crossed.

3. I was finally moved into the office i was supposed to have been moved into months ago, and I have graduated to having two monitors. Finally moved up to the adults' table of editorial life.

4. many fabulous calls and ecards wishing me happy birthday--nothing like a birthday to make you feel loved and worthwhile. yay! this is why i don't understand people who don't like celebrating birthdays. it's a day for everyone to tell you how glad they are that you are alive. what could be better than that?

5. my mom woke me up by coming into my room with a peppermint mocha. what she didnt know was that on my Birthday To-Do List i had written this: buy peppermint mocha for breakfast...aw yeah, happy birthday from the Holy Spirit and ma.

of course, yesterday was merely the beginning of a parade of celebrations lasting until sunday evening.

p.s. of shame: i've been listening to christina aguilera's back to basics album, and she has some serious fiona apple from Tidal going on in some of her songs. very impressive. also JT album is painfully catchy. i need to go flagellate myself now and listen to some sleater-kinney. hey, the new switchfoot album is surprisingly good. dirty second hands: fabulous and different.


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