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Monday, April 09, 2007

back from lenten vortex. it was fun, chilly but sunny.

Indeed, I have now been vomited back up from the lenten vortex. it was a crazy ride. and while i did gain some wonderful spiritual insights about the relevance of the resurrection to modern daily life, i have some other more superficial discoveries to proffer:

1. alanis morrissette covers the Black eyed Peas song My humps. find it on youtube and laugh and love it.

2. katie couric on the colbert report. this might only be funny and aweinspiring if you know exactly how awkward most guests are on the colbert report. of all the guests to hold their own, the out-of-favor-with-the-christian-right-for-trashing-james-dobson katie couric? i wouldn't have thunk it.

3. it helps to have a nice bathroom within reach when you decide to drink your daily recommended amount of water.

4. There is very litle that is more superfically traumatizing than unexpectedly seeing a picture of yourself from behind.

i believe it has been a month since i applied for the job that i am waiting to hear back from. in the meantime i have been a disaster. but i think i may have settled on trying to sell all of my possessions on ebay. actually some really awesome things have transpired in teh last month--seeing linda and jane...ill write about that when i'm in a better mood. i'm getting a haircut today. that could really go either way, couldn't it?


Blogger Linda said...

Yay! It was sooo good to see you my dear! :) I'll see you soon!!

7:55 PM  
Blogger Sonya said...

you are not a disaster! i too am jobless and a burden on society so i feel your pain. you'd think with all the building going on in dubai i'd find a job in a minute. now i'm going to search for that alanis video you mentioned...

3:19 AM  
Anonymous amy said...

i'm glad you're finally back.

6:09 PM  

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