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Friday, February 23, 2007

oscars, but mostly my ipod, i guess

I just finished listening to my BBC world select daily podcast--shameless plug-- and i'm now listening to a playlist that i, myself, entitled "chill" and i find myself listening to "are you gonna go my way" by lenny kravitz. while i am a big fan of l.k., "chill" is not really the word i would use to describe his music. except that clearly at some point i did. not really matching with the verve and the mellow songs from buena vista social club. oh well. one of the only things i don't like about the song White Flag from Dido is how, in the beginning, the sound travels from left to right multiple times on my headphones. i'm sure it is supposed to create some kind of atmosphere but i just feel like my headphones are effing up or like my inner ear has given out. okay, now i think i am bearing sonic witness to my own insanity...my chill playlist has now given me "sweetness" by jimmy eat world. a great song, again, but absolutely not chill!

well, enough about that, of course, because it's Oscar week!! woohoo!! charity and i are planning on catching up on as many movies as possible before the blessed event sunday night. Thus far I have seen 3 of the 4 nominees for best movie, little miss sunshine, the departed, and The Queen. Thus far my vote is for Little Miss Sunshine even though i am almost positive it won't be winning anything. well, i have had work all day straight and now must bid adieu with this short update.



Blogger Chris said...

Amazingly, I too have seen three of the five movies nominated-LMS, the Departed and The queen. I too agree that LMS probaly won't win jack, but hey, it was a great movie anyway. Of everything that it is nominated for, I hope Alan Arkin wins- He did a great job playing the grandpa- makes me wish I had a grandpa like that. Besides that, I could care less what wins.

2:29 AM  
Blogger Dakota Kid said...

what'd ya think of the Oscar's? did you see them? I got 11 of them right! and a bit confused about the animation ones and why Pan's Labrynth didn't get best foreign language film....hmmm...what is this world coming too! First the Dixie Chicks and now Al Gore??? (that last comment is just for you!! :) ) laterz!

11:02 AM  

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