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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

jojo mocha

if there is one thing i can say for certain, it is that i have no certain idea of when i will update my blog. vexing. but for today, here are some notes:

1. guilty pleasure for the day: the song Too Little Too Late by Jojo. I found the album for free at the library, sparing me the guiltful pleasure of buying it on itunes. i dramatically told charity that the find was priceless, but actually its price is 99 cents.

2. New book discovery: Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things. I'm actually pretty picky about my audio books, and authors reading their own material can be frightening. but neil gaiman is pretty fabulous. he has a great voice and his stories are engaging and well written enough to be poignant at times, but not too bogged down in description that makes me zone out.

3. The Starbucks Skinny Mocha: Nonfat milk, sugarless mocha sauce, terrible.


Anonymous chris said...

Hey Julie, welcome back to the blogging world- do you have any book suggestions(not books on tape-just the good old fashioned ones in print)that this guy would enjoy?
And of course something without fat and sugar would be terrible- luvs me some fatty sugar!

11:10 PM  

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