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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

just another morning in Taiwan

This morning Andrea scooted me to work and I held my cup of coffee the whole time. I'm so poshly rebellious.

The drama contest suffered from a serious lack of coffee and a serious overabundance of Brokeback Mountain spinoffs and references, but other than that was generally tolerable. What Ang Lee may not have known when made his incredibly successful movie--which, as the brainchild of their most famous native son, is required watching in Taiwan--was how well it would play into the sense of humor and love of crossdressing held by Taiwanese high school students. Certainly not in the tactful and tasteful way you would have to do it in the U.S. in order to avoid lawsuits. Rather, it gave the audience lots of chances to scream as the straight boys on stage vigorously pretended to make out with each other whilst wearing constumes that made RuPaul look like a preppy mama's boy. I'm sure it would have been funnier if I knew the boys, whichh the audience of 500 shrieking high schoolers certainly did. But after the first two or three it gets really yawnworthy. What was not yanworthy however was one play in which the group managed to recreate a hiking expedition on Mt. Ranier, it was highly reminiscent of Vertical Limit or something and was unbelievable. I felt like I was watching an action movie. And that made the shoddily staged crossdressing ESL version of A Midsummer Night's Dream a major snooze.
The highlight, though, was that at the end of the contest when I gave out my praises and criticisms, I mentioned that they need to be careful not to throw around profanity and that girls shouldn't whine when they speak english because we think it's annoying. Afterward, one of the teacher's asked me which phrases they had used in the play that shouldn't be used frequently, and only after I quickly and matter-of-factly listed off "shitty, damn it, bullshit, what the hell, goddammit" did I realize that two of my coworkers were standing right next to us waiting to take me home. bwahahahaha. It took me back to my days as a college radio DJ when we had to rattle off the 7 deadly words every semester--the 7 words that we could potentially be heavily fined for playing on the air. And they are far more offensive than the ones I just took the liberty of recounting.

So, in the intermissions the kids basically played Linkin Park and Korn. It made me think that if my company thinks it can continue to be relevant to the their audiences of junior high and high schoolers and put out that Lite FM crap, they are sadly mistaken and are very soon going to look like has-beens in a world that is passing them by. But I guess in the end it doesn't even matter.

speaking of which, I have to go now and do some work. We've been having far too much fun here on the 3rd floor. I feel a certain amount of pride that I have memorized so many demotivational posters that I can now pull them out in a matter of seconds and apply them appropriately to any situation. *sigh* If only that were a profession.


Anonymous Chris said...

In a crazy sense of irony, I just signed on to an expedition that is climbing Mt. Rainier at the end of this summer. I didn't check however if we are going to be in drag or not- all I can say is, I don't wear heels.

And yes Julie, I will email you all of my newest travels(actually some are work/military related so they arent that exciting-well, some were, but I wouldnt actually call them exciting, more of "huh, that was interesting")

12:58 AM  

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