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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Fray Concert, Gomez, and CCT

Today's Crazy China Today submission comes from one Mrs. Linda Way Chang. Click here to see how China is ensuring perfect weather for the 2008 olympics. Because even if it means that millions of northern chinese people will either starve to death because of famine or die from bizarre chemical complications from *altering the weather=playing God* at least they will have saved face during the 2008 olympics. good to know that we havent matured or learned anything from our past, china. shut up, japan, you suck too. for that matter, and particularly as it concerns us firebombing all of japan during wwII, we also suck. we may suck, but as far as i know we don't fire rockets into the clouds to dry them up just so we can have a nice olympics. no one would blame them for a rainstorm. no one thinks rain reflects poorly on the nation. sometimes i feel like i am taking crazy pills. but then i realize, it's just china.

so i went to the Fray concert with one of my coworkers the other day and they put on a great show, actually--chiller than i expected. oh, but they did a hysterical rendition of shakira's "hips don't lie" in which their drummer (whose bizarre facial expressions during the whole concert were funny, disconcerting, worrisome, and reminiscent of the No Doubt drummer all at the same time) stoically recited the lyrics as shakira. they also inserted a bridge from oasis' wonderwall into their last encore song. their own songs were good too, of course. we were in the pit and it was highly worthwhile--like the equivalent of 8 rows back. the whole band was super cute. we found out the lead singer had spent the whole day reading harry potter at seaport village (one ofmy favorite locales, and somewhere i take visitors) . he intro'd How to Save a Life by saying "this is a song for everyone who thinks harry is going to die" speaking of which, he better not die, and yes i am getting the book saturday.

Gomez and Eisley were the two opening acts--Eisley sounded good but we didnt really get to see them, just heard from outside in line. Gomez, for their part, rotated lead singers, put on a fully entertaining, musically coherent and solid show, seemed amused and yet perplexed at the apathy of the Socal crowd, and were generally hilarious. they have a cute, chubby, long haired leader who kept saying "for those of you who've just arrived, we are gomez" before each song. apparently they have one hit song that should get them laid for the whole of the decade and so when they played that at the end of their set everyone in the crowd seemed to go "oooh, that's who these guys are." maybe they should have played it at the beginning, middle, and end just for effect. brie and i determined that they probably have a more mature, thoughtful(intelligent) and loyal(smaller) following. we only determined this, however, because they seemed intelligent and because there were two ladies in their 30s singing all the words. not a scientific conclusion, per se.

whenever i can get my tookus out of work in a timely before dark manner and when i don't have anything to rush off to, i always go to the beach and walk and watch the sunset. and may i say that few people are as smug and mutually congratulatory as we who go to the beach to be active and watch the sunset. it's like some quality of life club.

in random news: my fingernails are really strong. thank you, omega 3.


Anonymous Lisa said...

Hey guess what! I went to that same concert last night at the Greek Theatre!! Same opening bands and everything! Bought the tickets on an optimistic whim from a co-worker, hoping I'd get out of work in time, so we didn't have as good of seats as yours but it was still a kick-ass show. By far my favorite part was the "Hips Don't Lie" rendition - the whole time during which I was thinking of you and the girls and wishing you could see it! But you did! During the encore presentation of "Over My Head" they let about half the people from the pit onto the stage and I was thinking, those guys are sooo freakin' lucky!!! And very well behaved... they let them all just dance right around the band! Did they do that at your show? Anywho, I had a great time, glad you did too!

1:19 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

i want to go to the beach to walk and watch the sunset.

and i need to get me some omega-3.
my mother would be happy.

9:14 AM  

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