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Friday, July 20, 2007

heavy metal and colonoscopy

so the breaking news on MSNBC is that G-dubya Bush is getting a colonoscopy. now, if someone had bribed the doc to take a wrong turn and do some damage, i might care. as it is, the last thing i want to know about is his colonoscopy. for 2 hours dick "laws are for the poor" cheney will be the commander in chief. maybe he will change laws on gay marriage for his daughter.

so i think my transformation into a taiwanese teenage girl with lots of latent anger and a cheesy soft spot is complete. why? because i find myself listening over and over to the new linkin park songs i downloaded--of which, Bleed it Out is the best and i listen to it at least 5 times in row-- and because my recent downloading obsessions have been rage against the machine, renegades of funk, and system of a down, Hypnotize ("i'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my giiiiirrrrrllll", and finally because the anticipation of the new harry potter book has got me totally distracted this morning when i need to be very seriously focusing on my adult job.


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