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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spread, how i love thee, let me count the ways.

Song of the day:
Los campesinos: you! Me! Dancing!

Spread: So Kim has been asking me for months if I have gone to this restaurant called Spread (i know, i know, the name is ripe with entendre.) it is entirely vegetarian and organic--all vegetables are picked the same day you eat them. the owners are these former attorneys who eschewed corporate life for the organic life and they cook and serve everything themselves. we had a spinach salad with fuji apples, berries, avocado vinaigrette and maple croutons; pomegranate sangria, thai pizza (which impressed me most by including broccoli, but pureed and mixed with aged cheddar or whatever, in such a way that you could not tell it was broccoli at all); pesto grits with grilled vegetables, and fresh fruit fondue with a white chocolate pretzel peanut spread and dark chocolate peanut spread (these are the "spreads" for which they are apparently internationally renowned: www.spreadtherestaurant.com). the whole experience was, frankly, orgasmic. it gave me a foodgasm. which was only heightened by the wonderful sense of well-being had by knowing that everything we ate was natural and helpful to our bodies. it is pretty pricey (well, especially the all natural sangria happiness) but was the perfect meal to send me off into my cyst surgery, after which my digestive system is likely to be a bit off kilter. it also seemed like the perfect meal to bolster my resolve to eat naturally post-surgery. i guess i probably agree with julia that there must be something terribly unnatural in our modern diet that spawns these cysts (btw, try talking cysts to some women in yoru life. suddenly everyone you know has had them or has moms, sisters, friends who have)

this experience brings to mind the joke i havent gotten out of my head for the past few weeks, relayed to me by corinne, (by ralphie may): people think salads are the enemy of fat people. that's completely untrue. fat people love salads: they're delicious.


Anonymous Melissa Tan said...

Spread sounds amazing!!! Can I come visit you??? :) he he

10:09 AM  

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