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Monday, May 19, 2008

Notice, Narnia, and other Ns.

A whole lot has happened in the last few weeks, kids.

summary of sections:
1. got a new job
2. paid off my last credit card bill
3. saw narnia and ironman (they don't have a section. that's all i'm putting in. i realized i don't have anything spectacular to say about them. they were both good.)
4. went to a crazy concert and stayed out late as if i were in college
5. started a weird protein shake diet that i am not sticking to.
6. i advise against the jalapeno hot dog at AMPM, but not from my own personal experience, but being in the room with someone with firsthand experience.
7. went to JMAs funeral--general observations are 1) party funerals are no fun for the living and 2) people in the general populace need lessons in death etiquette.

1. I GAVE MY NOTICE LAST FRIDAY! Weeheeeee! I got new job! I start June 4th and am excited. the job is basically training for HUD programs. and let me tell you the story of how it all came about, because the spiritual among you are going to be pretty impressed. i'm going to cut parts of it from chats with Linda and Andrea.

so, i had seen the posting for this position on monster and had quickly submitted an application, but per usual was over my head in the work i have here so didnt have time to do a proper cover letter and whatnot, so anyway, i hadnt heard back. so then a week or two later i was talking to Misha who is in New York and she was asking about jobs i had liked--she knew i liked the social aspect of starbucks but it wasnt challenging enough (we got on that topic because of the lawsuit i am a part of by default). and she asked what i was applying for--and i had applied for like 20 jobs, but i was like "well, there is this one job that i don't think i am being considered for, but sounds like what i would like to do: training, so meeting and talking to people, and for housing, so beneficial and very complex"
and she goes...training for housing?
and i said "yeah, i think that could blend the two aspects i want well"
and she says "is the company called XYZ?"
and i say "yeah, how in the world did you know that?"
and she says "one of my best friends from law school works there and she loves it and she is just like you"
and so she emailed her friend
and her friend emailed the lady in charge of hiring
and that's how it came about
so misha in new york got me a job in san diego
a job that is TEN MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE and has a better promotion ladder than my current job, and also has fulfilling social aspects that my current job lacks.

no one can ever predict how things will work out, but it does all seem sort of "orchestrated", doesnt it? or for the non-religious, a super crazy coincidence. the only job i mention wanting is the one had by the only other person misha knows in san diego. doo-doo-doo-doo (that's supposed to be the creepy twilight zone kind of doo)

2. I paid off my last credit card bill last week! i feel so free. monkey off my back. i was thinking of having an In The Black celebration where we all wear black and feel good for me being nearly debt free. the only debt in my life is my car loan...so i think that if i like sold every single possession i have, my life value might be somewhere around breaking even. pretty thrilling. this job has done what it was meant to do, and it is amazing that right as it has accomplished that, i have found a new job that is a better fit in a different direction. loving the timing.

4. Last night Charity and I went and saw the Kills at the Casbah. As you would imagine, it was a super hipster scene: skinny jeans, black everything, girls with sleek black hair, or messy long black hair, purposeful quirkiness, trying to look like audrey hepburn, etc. the tickets said the show started at 8:30. now, if any of you have seen the Cougars episode of 30 Rock, and if you havent you are crying for yourself right now, you will recognize the woe of this tale. so anyway, chares and i hang with karina for a while, catching up, and i'm thinking i'm being pretty risky because i say we should get to the casbah at like 9:15...eek, don't want to miss them. yeah. casbah is a ghost town at 9:15. The Kills take the stage at roughly ELEVEN THIRTY. i mean their set was really good, i liked the songs, lots of good energy, didnt sound like complete shit, until the encore, which did, and was a cacophony of flashinglights and raunchy guitar that i think was supposed to be impressive, but to me was annoying--especially because poor charity and i are leaving at 12:45am and like, we have to work. anyway, after getting home at 1 and waking up at 715, i felt like "i'm way too old for this, please don't make me do it." so it kind of sucks, because i enjoy concerts a lot, but i appear to have a bedtime. i'm such an old fogey complaining about it going too late. but i seriously was thinking of those lupe fiasco lyrics "the crowd aint gonna clap and they aint gonna praise, they want everything back that they paid, cuz they've been waiting since ten for the lights to go down". i was like a total sourpuss, like "hmph, these people better be good, they got some nerve coming on here at 1130 pm, i should be in my pjs."

5-7 on tomorrow's blog :)


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YAY for the new job AND being debt-free! Both fabulous pieces of news.

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