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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soyrizo hello.

Last week's episode of The Office almost made me cry. but i don't think it's just because my ovaries were manipulated like silly putty and then put back together. i think it was genuinely sweet. so anyway, the episode is called The Chairmodel and you can watch it on hulu.com which, if you have not discovered it, is totally awesome. full episodes of tons of shows and excellent video quality. i've been watching 30 Rock which is absolutely hilarious.

so tonight my mom is coming to steal me for a night and she is making soyrizo. have i ever waxed poetic about soyrizo? it is like CHOrizo only made with tofu. and it tastes EXACTLY THE SAME. do you know what this means? all the wonderful deliciousness of chorizo but with none of the uber super scariness of actual what-parts-of-the-pig-did-they-use-what-was-that-hard-thing--oh-now-i-am-going-to-vomit sausage chorizo. if you inserted soyrizo into green eggs and ham i would sing about it: i would eat it in a boat or in a house or on a goat, i would eat it in a plane or on a lake or in the rain, ad nauseum.

yesterday Tom and Beth came over with a gift of Sam Woo chinese food and game playing. Tom says "so do we get to see the scar?!" I was like "well, you did bring me chinese food...so i'm willing to show you if that's the trade off." upon realizing where the scar is, he declined and Beth laughed and laughed. it'd be like asking a new mom after her c-section to see the scar. not a pre-dinner activity or an anytime activity really. though i did sort of freely show it to my better girlfriends because you know, it's like a battle wound.

speaking of chinese things, did i tell you i had the weirdest taiwan deja vu the other day? my aunt and uncle were in from pennsylvania and we were discussing potential afternoon activities and somehow the new bubble tea stand at the ghetto fabulous parkway plaza came up. and my aunt decided that this would be a really fun cultural experience. so we actually met up there later in the afternoon and all 6 of us got bubble tea --classic black milk tea bubble tea. so we were cruising the mall and we ended up at the Body Shop where my aunt legitimately looked for night cream and i covertly anti-aged--does one really need three different types of eye creams on at once? probably not. anyway--drinking bubble tea and covertly anti-aging at the body shop are two totally classic taiwan activities! i had a little moment of missing taiwan pengyous. of course the asian salespeople are way more on you than the americans. the americans are like "try it, go for it!" the asians are like "i am suspicious of you, gaijin". and they should be.i am trying to rip them off.

so something coming up a lot these days is the topic of the marriage proposal that loads of christians in california have been trying to force onto the ballot to say that marriage is between a man and a woman. and i actually ended up talking with my parents, who support it, about why i don't. and here are a few reasons why i don't: britney spears. are you really telling me that britney spears' two marriages, one of 55 hours, and one of 2 years are holy just because they were gender appropriate? no. are they both holier than a longterm comitted gay relationship? what i think these christians are really saying is that marriage should be holy. but half of marriages between straight people end in divorce, so i think the institution of marriage has been sullied more than enough. but if renewing the holiness of the term marriage is the rub, then go further, petition that the term marriage can only be used for people who get wed in churches and have made a statement of faith (oh, but what faith, you might ask...). that way all the heathens can have civil unions, gay or straight. but that isnt going to happen. so why are some christians wasting all this time when we could be rallying over some far more unifying cause like poverty reduction or healthcare or human rights and instead are alienating a whole group of people. do you think alienating people from the term marriage will drive them to the Lord? i doubt it. anyway, those are a few very basic opinions on it and why i won't sign it. also, i mean, the secular law and holiness and holiness and gayness are also interesting debates, but for another time.


Blogger Linda said...

Jules, I miss you dearly. I remember those days when we would walk to Miramar and watch a movie and then go to Body Shop for some stuff... (wink wink).

And miss talking with you, friend. Glad to see you are doing better. And I'm still waiting for those scar photos!

7:26 PM  
Blogger Naomi said...

1. We miss you too.
2. I agree with you about gay marriage, for the same reasons.

12:25 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Now you have me craving bubble tea!

4:39 PM  

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