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Friday, April 11, 2008

female problems

So I guess I forgot to tell you the tale of two ovaries. well, now they are two half ovaries, or together make one whole ovary. summary: they saved the ovaries, YAY! my crazy doctor ensures me that this is enough to create the hormones i need (if i start growing a beard i will be sooo pissed) and enough for me to get pregnant if i should so choose. but it seems to me like it must somehow limit me, like shouldn't i now only have half the childbearing years left that i had before i went in? he is a suspicious man. he also says that the fact that these things freakishly developed in no way indicates that i will get more cysts in the future or that i will have other "female" problems. i asked him if there was anything i could eat or not eat to prevent them from growing. no, he says. i don't know, see, i read this thing about picasso's lolita-esque russian wife who was in and out of hospitals becuase of her "female problems" and then she died from them. You read about this in Victorian biographies and such. like once they start they never stop. I also read The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion and her husband like knew when he started having heart problems that that was what he would die from. He just knew. (fabulous book by the way--totally made me, Miss HalfHormones, cry and cry because it's not sentimental, just real and heartbreaking)

anyway, ignorance should be bliss. now that one of our former colleagues, who i feel i can say with full confidence we NEVER ever thought would find love, (but are super happy she did) has married her very own mountain man, i feel inspired that if i hang out at my local "walmart store" i could probably find a toothless wonder to call my own. and if i find him in the next 5 years maybe we could spawn a mountainkind.

The new Office episode was fabulous. The show Step It Up and Dance is craptacular. no dance, all drama. So You Think You Can Dance is so much better. and kid friendly for the most part.

apaprently blogger still thinks I am in India because it keeps telling me that I could blog in my "native Indic script." depending on the location of the cradle of humanity, i *suppose* that could be true...


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